Bluedot + Airship

Airship’s leading mobile engagement platform combines with Bluedot’s best-in-class location technology to turbocharge mobile engagement.

A Partnership to Power Your Location-Based Engagement

With the combination of Airship’s leading mobile engagement platform and Bluedot’s best in class location technology, mobile engagement is taken to the next level. Combine the power of Airship with the precision and scalability of Bluedot’s location services to accelerate growth, drive loyalty engagement and revenue in your app and beyond.


Bluedot’s location marketing platform delivers a solution 20x more accurate, with negligible battery drain, unlimited locations and best in class privacy making it the only option that can deliver 1:1 segmentation no matter how large your audience is.


Connectivity is at the heart of this new chapter for mobile. But it’s more than just the ability to engage. It’s also about connecting to mobile users with discernment and insight. That’s what mobile engagement is about, and it’s exciting what we can now do.  


Maximize Reach

Utilize Airships push notifications, in-app messages, message center and digital wallet to communicate with your customers at the best moment on their path to purchase. With Bluedot Innovation, you can set unlimited locations and through our zone enablement feature condition the entire path to purchase so that each customer you’re reaching through Airship’s platform has a truly 1:1 customer experience.

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Connect to Customers

Connectivity is at the heart of this new chapter for mobile. But truly connecting to your users is about more than just delivering a message. It’s about delivering the right message at the right time with the right context.

With Bluedot you can integrate any third party data point into our advanced conditioning engine to ensure that your customer profile aligns with your message, timing and delivery. This means that you can reach shoppers who have historically made purchases , when it’s 70 degrees and sunny and they’re standing a block away from their favorite store.

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Deepen Insights

With Airship and Bluedot’s combined power, insights are taken to the next level. Adding rich location insights, such as dwell time, directionality and mode of transport, you can understand not just how your users are engaging with your application but the circumstances under which they chose to engage.

Wouldn’t you like to know if the majority of your users conduct local searches when they are already en route to a destination? Or to know that your customers are searching for cheaper products when they are in the check-out line? How about how much time they spent in front of your competitor’s store? With Bluedot, all of those insights are at your fingertips.

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What Can Bluedot Power?

Location Based Payments

Mobile Wallet

Closed Loop Systems

Expanded Loyalty Programs


Hands-Free Payments

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Increased Conversion Rates