The Most Accurate Location Data in the Market

Increase Revenue With Contextual Data

Deliver phenomenal value for your customers using the most precise proximity data in the market. Our rich, contextual insights are tied directly to customer behavior and decision-making.

Location analytics: retail

Measure Ad Attribution and ROI

• Leverage the accurate location-based ad attribution in the market
• Recognize when customers who view desktop or mobile ads and then make purchases onsite
• Charge more for high-performing ad units and inventory
• Accurately report campaign ROI for advertising clients

Check-in and Check-out

• Track how many customers come to your location
• Know when and where customers arrive and leave locations
• See the direction customers are traveling to and from your locations

Foot Traffic

• Identify high traffic areas to engage customers
• Compare foot traffic at different times of day, week, or season
• Optimize staff rosters and onsite management

Repeat Visitors

• Target marketing to popular locations
• Optimize loyalty and rewards program for active customers
• Identify lost customers for win-back campaigns

Dwell Time

• Track how long customers stay at your locations
• Connect time spent at location to purchase decisions
• Compare dwell time between different locations

Understand Your Customers' Journey

• Understand movement and travel path of customers
• Discover where customers go after they leave your premises
• Segment groups or individuals based on your customer profiles
• Personalize offers and campaigns to drive sales

Bridge the Digital and Physical

• Retarget customers with mobile ads if they pass by store or billboard
• Complement Beacons with analytics for areas away from brick and mortar stores
• Run consistent campaigns that connect mobile and in-store purchases

Partners and Competitors

• Understand when customers visit your competitors
• Deliver special mobile offers to customers at competitor locations
• Link campaigns to partner locations to add value and increase revenue

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