Burger King Conquest Campaign

Conquesting: n. a marketing strategy to win over competitors’ customers


Geo-conquesting: n. a marketing strategy to win over competitors’ customers using location – engaging consumers when they are physically in or around your competitors’ store


Usually, the “wars” among competitors only happen on social. These are the snappy comments and comebacks, the clever play on words, the snarky memes and sick burns we’ve all come to read and laugh about. It’s not very often these words jump from digital to physical. However, Burger King made the leap last week and it’s paying off.


Burger King launched a 1¢ Whopper offer – but, you can only get it by going to McDonald’s. Guests must have the newly re-launched BK app on their phone with location enabled in order to obtain the offer.


According to Burger King’s press release, “If a guest is inside one of these geofenced areas and has the new BK app on their device, the app will unlock the Whopper sandwich for a penny promotion. Once the 1¢ Whopper sandwich order is placed, the user will be ‘detoured’ away from McDonald’s, as the app navigates them to the nearest Burger King restaurant for pick up.”


I eagerly tried out this experience and must say, it was fun. As a marketer, this campaign is fresh, not the typical coupon offer we expect in the QSR (quick service restaurant) space. As a consumer, the idea of going to a competitor to “unlock” a nearly free burger is exciting.


Although I was new to the app, Burger King provided me with enough information so I could “find my way” around the app quickly. See the play-by-play action (on iOS) in the infographic below!


Overall, I enjoyed the experience of this conquesting campaign. However, I wish Burger King would do a few things differently. Foremost, I needed to be within 600 feet of a McDonald’s for this offer to work – an area nearly two American football fields long! That’s a very large and highly inaccurate geofence.


Because of this, BK missed out on many other opportunities to engage me or gamify my experience en route to McD’s. With smaller, more targeted geofences, say down to 5-20 feet, I could have received a reminder to participate (if I had forgotten about the offer), “Claim your 1¢ Whopper today” or a message to complete the journey “You are steps away from your 1¢ Whopper.”


Burger King push notification request

Secondly, I didn’t get a push message when I arrived at McDonald’s even though push notifications were enabled. What a missed opportunity! I could have easily gotten distracted along the way and walked past McD’s without ever claiming the offer. The BK app could have sent a push notification, “Want to claim your 1¢ Whopper?” It could have been frictionless, but I had to consciously pull up the app, locate and redeem the offer.


Additionally, Burger King should have had a “pre-ask” for permission to enable my location (similar to best practices when asking for push notification permission – see screenshot to the left). It’s always good to present the “pre-ask” before serving up the official enable location request screen.


Finally, this was a well-executed marketing strategy. Check out the tweet below from Day 1 of the offer:

Burger King conquesting tweet



It’s clear this level of marketing and coordination signals the next wave of what people expect in QSR marketing and beyond. This made BK the #1 app on the iOS App store, according to Apptopia. Just absorb that fact.


Apptopia shows Burger King app ranks #1


Overall, great geo-conquesting. Well done (no pun intended!) using geolocation to bridge social to mobile to in-store for an integrated, omnichannel experience.


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Burger King conquest campaign
How Burger King Uses Location to Conquest


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Judy Chan, head of marketing at Bluedot

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