bluedot boot complete

Auto-start Bluedot on Mobile Reboot with Latest Release

Android Point SDK Version 1.11   In this version of Android release, we have introduced a feature that prevents the interruption of service to the Bluedot Point SDK when a user kills the app or restarts their mobile device.   … Read More

Android Point SDK Version 1.10 Now Available

In Bluedot’s latest Android Point SDK release v1.10, our engineering team simplified the SDK integration by adding it as a dependency in build.gradle file.   From version 1.10 onwards, Point SDK for Android is available from as an Android Archive. … Read More

New Geofence Conditions: Sequence, Speed, Bearing Filters

Flexible and accurate geofences let you connect to your mobile app users wherever their journeys take them. Our team has been hard at work to expand the conditioning power behind the Bluedot location platform. Today, we’re proud to announce new … Read More

Optimized Battery Performance

Get 25 Percent Improved Battery Performance in v1.9.3

The purpose with which Bluedot was founded was to push the boundaries of what is considered possible in technology and to transform the way we connect with the physical and digital world around us.   However, pushing the envelope of … Read More

Bluedot Point Access Security

Improved Security and Webhooks for Version 1.9.1

In Bluedot’s latest release v.1.9.1, our engineering team improved the security for the Point Access interface and Public APIs.   We also added a webhook for check-out events to complement our current webhook for check-in events. Bluedot’s webhook servers can now … Read More