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of Location-Aware Solutions

Power your mobile innovations with best-in-class location technology. From project examples to best practices, our team of location service experts are here to help make your ideas successful.

Bluedot Developer Documentation

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See Bluedot Technology in Action

Try out our precise location technology without having to integrate our SDK into your app. After you set your locations on the platform, use Bluedot’s demo app for iOS or Android to see mobile actions trigger. Send a message to yourself when you arrive home or at work.

bluedot skd location technology for developers

Download Bluedot's Demo App

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Source Codes and Project Ideas

Visit the Bluedot Innovation GitHub page for code samples for every command in Java, .Net C# and Node.js. Also check out Apple Swift and Cordova example projects.

Need Help?

Check out the Point SDK Documentation for answers to common questions. For further assistance, submit a support ticket to the Bluedot developer team.

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