Webinar: Bluedot + Swrve

Unlock Real-time Relevance Anywhere | Tuesday, April 30

Mobile Marketing Association Webinar


For marketers to understand the changing needs of their customers’ digital and physical behaviors – while delivering appropriate messaging and experiences – have historically required advanced technology solutions.


Bluedot’s partnership with Swrve now make it easy for marketers to harness the power or place and real-time relevance. From driving retail footfall to improving loyalty programs for QSRs, pairing first person location data with real-time engagement elevates customers experiences beyond what’s ever been possible.


The result?  Tripled revenue growth from delivering better, not more, customer touches.


Join us on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm BST to learn:


  • How brands can deliver real-time relevance across time zones, platforms, and physical boundaries
  • How real-time relevance combined with the precision of location-based targeting accelerates customer acquisition and revenue
  • How marketers with significant investment in bricks-and-mortar stores can use geofencing to target customers based on proximity, real-time insights, and past behaviors


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