Most Accurate Location Technology

Our location technology is 20 times more precise than other services. Unlock new use cases and increase revenue with our best-in-class geolocation technology.

Geoline™ Technology

Bluedot is the only company in the world with Geoline™ technology. Get superior accuracy with virtual tripwires that trigger mobile content anywhere in the world.

Audience Targeting

Our advanced conditioning engine lets you control over the audience for your campaigns. Deliver personalized content for individuals or groups based on any condition.

Deliver Rich Media

Trigger any type of mobile action content, including push messages and notifications, payment prompts, audio and videos.

Unlimited Locations

Support millions of locations and users. Our location service easily scales so there’s no limit to what you can do.

Actionable Analytics

Know exactly how your customers are engaging with your campaigns and use those insights to build smarter campaigns and track attribution and accurately track attribution.

High Battery Performance

Bluedot technology delivers high accuracy with minimal battery drain. The Point SDK efficiently manages your user’s battery power for optimal performance.

Public APIs

Programatically configure locations around the world using our JSON APIs and detailed developer resources. Scaling made simple.


Webhooks send you check-ins from our servers in real time, cutting down the API calls and time needed for location-based actions to be delivered. Enables a simple rollout if you also offer an SDK.

Customer Support

Get access to Bluedot’s team of location service experts. Whether it’s questions on getting started or scaling, we’re here to help.

Have Questions?

Let us know how we can help and we’ll respond right away