Campaign Solutions for Apps: Mobility as a Service

Better Messaging For On The Go

Need some fresh campaign solutions to boost user acquisition and increase user engagement?


We’ve curated 20 high-value ideas to delight your app users with impactful location-based experiences. These moments-in-motion will help improve messaging for transportation and mobility-as-a-service apps.

Better Messaging, Better Mobility


On-the-go moments are critical moments.


For example, paying for parking, requesting a shuttle, tracking a delivery, planning around system-wide transit delays, authenticating a bank visit, or verifying technicians are en-route. Timely in-app messaging can make or break these experiences.


Location reduces friction in these high-impact interactions by providing real-time updates and alerts or reducing the number of manual steps required. Think stress-free payments as you approach the toll gates or timely notifications of train delays with suggested alternate routes.


These campaign solutions show how location can provide better messaging – and better mobility – for busy consumers and power time- and location-sensitive emergency communications.


Here’s a sneak peek:


    Apps can more effectively collect feedback by sending survey prompts when and where customers are most likely to respond. “10-second survey for 10% off your next purchase!”

    Offer mobile-first toll road payments to eliminate the need for drivers to stop, find cash, or install transponder hardware. The app detects when a driver enters a toll and automatically processes the payment once the trip is complete. Quick, safe, and effortless.

    Quickly notify impacted customers of emergency disruptions due to weather, accidents, fires, etc. Use customer location to send applicable messages and status updates. “Estimated time for power to be restored: 2:30pm ET.”


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