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Better Messaging

Explore Campaign Solutions for Apps: Mobility as a Service  



Campaign Solution Guide for Apps: Mobility as a Service

Location Powers Better Messaging, Better Mobility

On-the-go moments are critical moments.

For example, paying for parking, requesting a shuttle, tracking a delivery, planning around system-wide transit delays, authenticating a bank visit, or verifying technicians are en-route. Timely in-app messaging can make or break these experiences.

The campaign solutions in this guide show how location can provide better mobility for busy consumers as well as power timely, location-sensitive emergency communications.

Learn how geolocation-powered mobility apps can:

Send timely, convenient feedback when it’s best received
Automate mobile tolling and parking
Alert users of emergency utility outages
Trigger automated parking payments on driver arrival

Improve on-the-go moments for app users with timely, location-based messages. Mobility made easy.

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