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Global Integration With Bluedot For Location-Based Marketing Needs

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With Bluedot, Oracle Responsys clients can engage app users based on critical location information, including the number of visits, dwell time, and frequency to personalize any messaging across marketing channels such as push notifications, SMS and emails – in real time or later.  


This global integration into Oracle Responsys enables clients to deliver better end customer experiences such as providing automated check-ins, timely loyalty prompts, mobile pick-ups and more.  


Bluedot gives enterprise clients an industry-leading competitive advantage by both introducing an entirely new customer behavior data set and making it easier than ever to act on this new intelligence.


Richer Customer Profiles,

Better Customer Experiences


Know where your customers have been, where they frequent and anticipate how best to engage them – in real time or later.

1:1 location insights delivered directly from the source.

Location-Based Marketing

Your App Users, In Context


If businesses want to engage their customers in more meaningful ways….

“Marketers can define geofences for locations of interest (e.g. all Apple stores in London) using the Bluedot location platform. Then they can use Oracle Responsys to target app users with contextual and personalized push notifications, SMS, and email.”


  – Senior Director, Products, Oracle Marketing Cloud