Drive Foot Traffic to Your Stores with Location Data

Understanding who your customers are and how they change in different physical and digital contexts is your key to engagement and measuring campaign ROI.


Optimize your customers’ interactions with digital out-of-home assets for clearer ROI and ad attribution in a single report. Merge your customers’ digital behaviors with information about:

  • when customers are near your retail location
  • what direction your customers are coming from when they enter to your store
  • how long they stay at your store
  • when they leave your store
  • when they have been in physical proximity to billboards or street advertising


With this contextual location intelligence, retailers can:

  • Drive foot trafficMeasure your customers’ interactions with out-of-home assets such as highway billboards and transit signage by tracking how and when customers visit your stores after seeing these assets.
  • Do more of your customers ride the train before entering your store or do they tend to drive?
    • Was your last OOH campaign successful in driving new traffic to your store or improving the average order value of loyal customers?
  • Optimize digital campaigns with clear ad attribution and better A/B test campaigns that track actual store visits instead of or in addition to impressions.
  • Trigger campaigns based on your customers’ visits to complementary locations. Understand what other places of interest drive traffic to your stores and send real time messaging, launch cross-advertising campaigns, or trigger social ads when your customers arrive at these locations.
  • Likewise, create win-back campaigns on social, email, and push when your customers enter a competitors’ location.


Bluedot’s location data does more than enable real time location.


Retailers can build power customer profiles to understand overall trends and patterns before launching strategic campaigns or improving their ad spend.

With location intelligence, retailers may find an entirely new revenue opportunity at their stores without sending a single message to their customers. Developing new products or deciding where to open your next location are only the start of what you can do with this data.


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