QSR Use Case: McAlister’s Deli

How this QSR Chain Uses Location to Cut Order Times and Improve Customer Experience


Imagine walking into a restaurant and before you even cross the threshold the server knows your name, your order, and exactly where to find you. Guaranteed customer service and greater satisfaction. That is exactly the innovation adopted by McAlister’s Deli in Texas, resulting in enhanced customer interactions and streamlined processing of orders.


Learn How Location Data Helped McAlister’s Deli:

  • Streamline customer experience
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Wow guests – especially first-timers
  • Prioritize orders for freshly prepared food


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Cut Order Time with Location Data


Prioritized Orders With Precise Location


McAlister’s Deli was able to shave precious minutes off its ordering process by using a groundbreaking solution developed by location data platform Bluedot and mobile solution provider HyprLoco.


The joint solution notifies McAlister’s Deli servers when a customer is on their way to pick up a meal and pulls up the customer’s order on the QSR system when they are on-site, in line or at the drive-thru window. This enables the staff to prioritize orders and delight customers with freshly prepared food.


“I really think this technology is going to be everywhere. We are getting notifications, we are seeing an increase in speed, we are seeing an increase in our effectiveness to greet a first-time guest.”


Matt Luis, IT Lead, Southwest Deli Group, franchisee exclusively operating McAlister’s Deli brand.

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Streamlined Customer Experience at Scale


At the center of McAlister’s streamlined customer experience is its location-aware mobile app. Customers use the app’s call-ahead or mobile ordering feature to place their order.


Individual McAlister’s restaurants then set virtual geofences that trigger notifications (for servers) when the customer’s device enters the designated area, such as the parking lot entrance or the drive-thru lane. Achieving this precision without any hardware means it’s easy to scale and access broader trends.


And more importantly, it leads to improved staff efficiency, a better customer experience, and raving fans who return again and again.


“At McAlister’s, we’ve always been focused on genuine hospitality and providing our guests a little something extra.”


Paul Macaluso, President, McAlister’s Deli (owned by FOCUS Brands)

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