Location-Based Marketing for Retail: Top 4 Trends


Personalization, geo-conquesting, loyalty reward automation, and smart omni-channel marketing top this year’s must-have trends in location data.  Meet the challenges of tomorrow by using a first-person location data to improve your retail customers’ experiences today.


Top Location Based Marketing Trends


1. Real-World CRM

84% of customers believe businesses should better integrate their on-and-offline channels to improve customer experiences.

Location Opportunity:

Enterprise brands only have half the data needed to personalize customer experiences. First-person location data bridges this gap by enriching your CRM profile with real-world customer behaviors.


2. Conquest Beyond Advertising

Location Opportunity:
In this hyper-competitive landscape, businesses must engage customers at their competitor’s locations.

Know when your customers enter a competitor’s location to craft win back campaigns.


3. Omnichannel with Context

76% of customers are willing to share their location data if it provides more meaningful, personalized experiences.

Location Opportunity:
Message customers effectively with the context of their physical behaviors. First-person location data helps you know when best to reach customer – in real time or later.


4. Frictionless Loyalty

75% of customers would engage more with loyalty programs that made rewards mobile-friendly.

Location Opportunity:
Customers inconsistently use rewards programs. Automate prompts when a customer is in-store, or send timely reminders of expiring points.


BONUS! Automated Check-In

47% increase last year in online order with in-store pickup

Location Opportunity:
Automate the pickup and check-in process to reduce wait time.

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