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Many leading quick-service restaurants (QSRs) have seen a surge in their app downloads in recent years, most often the result of free giveaways promoted to current foot traffic. Within three months of the download frenzy and increased foot traffic, QSR apps sizzle out, losing an average of 95 percent of their active user base (monthly active users or MAUs).


“Our success has been reaching customers where they are with relevant marketing at the right time. In today’s world, we need to be both visual and mobile-forward. The key is to interact with customers in ways that are relevant to their lives with meaningful messages to generate excitement and engagement.”

– Jeff Jenkins, Chief Marketing Officer, CKE Restaurants – leading their global marketing and branding oversite of both the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s brands worldwide (more than 3,800 restaurant locations in 44 states and 43 countries)

How can apps maintain relevance with their customers and steadily boost foot traffic?

Mobile Location Solutions

Location data delivers relevance (customer preferences) and intent (customer behavior) for mobile apps. With these insights directly from customers, brands can create ongoing value for their patrons by improving the overall customer experience.

Mobile location data helps brands:

Know when and how many customers are nearby but don’t enter your store

Determine how often customers frequent complementary or competitors’ locations

Understand foot traffic patterns leading to (and away from) your locations

Discover patterns from customers’ visit length, enter and exit times, and type of visit (walk-in vs drive-thru)

Measure your customers’ interactions with outdoor advertising (e.g. proximity to billboard)

Attribute ad spend based on actual visits (not just impressions).

With these solutions brands are able to develop, execute, and optimize more effective omnichannel campaigns and improve their customers’ overall experience at each retail or restaurant location.


Bluedot partners with marketing platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Swrve so businesses can execute thoughtful, customized campaigns informed by customer behavior and preferences.


The 1 cent Whopper deal is near perfect conquesting, but it could be so much fresher. See our infographic and full analysis of how Burger King uses location to drive foot traffic from their competitors in an integrated, omnichannel customer experience.


See Inforgraphic


Bluedot location data infographic: Burger King

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