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Loyalty programs offer brands a way to showcase products and promotions while better understanding their customers’ preferences.  However, reminding customers to use their rewards card can be a hassle and inconsistent, especially if it increases the wait time of others.  This might be why only 21% of members are prompted to use their loyalty program by brand representatives.


Mobile engagement plays a critical role in keeping rewards top of mind for customers and improving their brand experience. But this must be delivered properly to avoid seeming intrusive or inauthentic.


While real-time messaging is valuable, it’s only the beginning of what’s possible with mobile location data.  Understanding customers’ behavior patterns and product preferences in the context of location give marketers the tools they need to launch smart, long-term campaigns to differentiate from competitors.

How can brands use location to reduce redemption friction and increase offer relevancy?

Loyalty Program Solutions

Location data improves customers’ experiences by understanding their behavior patterns and preferences.

Mobile location data boosts loyalty program value with:

Location Automation

Fully automate rewards based on a customer’s proximity to critical places in their journey (e.g. check-out counter, drive-thru, or parking lot).

Competitive Retargeting

Send an offer when a customer comes within a certain radius of a competitor’s billboard – converting competitor ads into foot traffic for your business.

Relevant Rewards

Showcase relevant products as your customers pass a complementary location, such as a free lunch offer after a sports event.

Journey Triggers

Trigger loyalty promotional messages to customers who are near your business locations on a regular basis, but haven’t made a recent purchase.

See how this quick service restaurant operator uses location data to drive loyalty and customer experience across three national brands.


Bluedot QSR Case Study: Craveable BrandsCraveable Brands, the largest Australian-owned QSR operator, partners with Bluedot to identify when a customer arrives or leaves any of their 570 restaurant locations, distinguishing between drive-thru and walk-in customers.

Customers are automatically reminded to present their loyalty card (instead of staff needing to ask) which increases efficiency and program engagement.

Craveable also monitors drive-thru wait times and sends a quick apology with a free offer, via the mobile app, if the wait exceeds a certain duration.


“We have so much more intelligence around how, what, and when to communicate with our customers, and the ability to do it in a way that drives incredible results.”    – Michael Schofield, Chief Information and Digital Officer of Craveable Brands


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Bluedot helps brands offer better automated and experiential rewards programs through personalization. Know where you’re customers have been, where they frequent and anticipate how best to engage them.


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