Bluedot + Swrve

Swrve’s customer interaction platform now uses Bluedot’s location technology to deliver targeted, effective multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Where Precise Location and Powerful Marketing Meet

Bluedot’s best in class location technology is now available to enterprises through Swrve’s complete marketing engagement engine for mobile.


Swrve’s customer interaction platform supports the design and delivery of native mobile experiences and automated campaigns that engage users, deep analytics capabilities, and integrated extension of existing marketing cloud technologies.


Combined with Bluedot’s location technology, enterprise clients can deliver targeted, effective multi-channel marketing campaigns with precise location accuracy.


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Compelling Engagement

Swrve and Bluedot provide unparalleled accuracy and flexibility to engage users effectively. Deploy Geoline™ technology to optimize location-based engagement to deliver compelling mobile experiences where it matters most.

Meaningful Personalization

Create hyper-personalized experiences that deliver the right information in the right moment, driving deeper engagement and new revenue opportunities. Swrve can now integrate end users’ precise location data with their demographics, weather, time of day, or social media patterns to deliver meaningful engagement where it matters most.

bluedot geolocation swrve partnership

Scalable Geolocation

With Bluedot technology, Swrve now offers the most precise geolocation service available.  Reach unlimited users internationally when and where they make decisions without installing any hardware.  Create sequential location triggers throughout a city to guide users to relevant enterprise offers.  Easily integrate Geoline™ technology with Beacons to cover every location of interest, no matter how complex.

What Can Bluedot Power?

Location Based Payments

Mobile Wallet

Closed Loop Systems

Expanded Loyalty Programs


Hands-Free Payments

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Increased Conversion Rates