Bluedot Expanding its World-Class Location Services Technology with Series A Funding Round led by Transurban

Bluedot + Transurban

Bluedot Innovation, an advanced location services technology company, has secured US$5.5 million in Series A funding. Transurban, one of the world’s leading urban toll road managers and developers, led the funding with an investment of US$4 million.

Bluedot enables enterprises to connect with their customers through highly relevant and personalized interactions based on the location and context of the customer. By combining best-in-class technology and focus on the behavior and needs of each individual user, Bluedot supports unprecedented contextual engagement, business intelligence and mobile commerce. Enterprises leveraging Bluedot’s technology include Salesforce, News Corp and Cox Automotive.

In addition to Transurban, Bluedot has attracted a range of new and existing investors to participate in the round, including Jeff Katz, formerly of Mercury Payments, as well as their long-standing board member, David Jacques, the founding CFO of PayPal. To date, Bluedot has raised US$13 million in total funding.


Transurban Bluedot Partnership


“Partnering with Bluedot has enabled the delivery of our innovative smartphone app, which is helping our customers easily manage their use of our roads while building in safeguards to promote road safety.”

—Chris Jackson, Transurban’s General Manager of Customer Experience

Transurban Runs LinktGO World’s First Tolling App on Bluedot

Accurately measures when drivers enter and exits toll roads in real-time at any travel speed

Scalable technology to accommodate large market of LinktGO users

Automated mobile payments for tolls without the need for any hardware such as etag

Understand insights into customer behavior, such as alternate routes and travel patterns

Safeguards customer’s smartphone battery and records trips even if data connection is lost

Automating Mobile Tolling Payments With LinktGO