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Drive foot traffic and sales by bridging the physical and digital, both in-store or any other location.

Location Based Marketing Uses Cases Retail

Bridge Physical and Digital Commerce

Connect physical and digital commerce by engaging customers directly on their mobile device at any location.

Add Value to Your Beacon Network

Extend and enhance your Beacon network with Bluedot’s hardware-free location services platform that covers the full customer journey.

Drive In-store Foot Traffic

Reach customers anywhere in a city and attract them to your physical store.

Mobile Pre-orders, Payments and Pickups

Allow pre-ordering and purchases anywhere, before guiding the customer to the store for pickup.

Measure Attribution and ROI

Monetize your service by leveraging the most accurate ad attribution and contextual analytics in the markets.


Increase sales at restaurants and bars through automated offers, pre-ordering, payments and loyalty.

Increase sales at restaurants and bars through automated offers, pre-ordering, payments and loyalty.

Allow Pre-Orders and Payments

Increase purchases and upselling through hardware-free pre-ordering and payments from any location, not just at the venue.

Location-Powered Engagement

Increase mobile engagement by automating the opening and payment of tabs.

Automate Ordering and Pickup

Automate the pickup process and notify staff as the customer approaches.

Proximity-Based Loyalty Rewards

Turbo-charge your loyalty program by prompting customers at the exact time and place they can use their membership.

Get Reviews

Prompt customers to provide reviews as they have an experience or leave the venue.

Highly Scalable

Support high numbers of venues through easy, hardware-free deployment.


Sell more food, drinks and merchandise through proximity offers and line-busting technology.

Sell Last-Minute Tickets

Increase ticket sales by sending offers, including for last minute tickets, to high traffic areas away from your venue.

Deliver Sponsored Ads

Charge more for sponsorships by delivering offers from sponsors directly to the attendee’s device.

Easy Rollout

Low cost, hardware-free rollout, essential for short-term events or if you don’t own the event space.

Savings Through Automation

Cut costs by automating ticketing, entry into venues and purchases.

Ad Attribution

Increase revenue through relevant, proximity-based ads and the most accurate ad attribution in the market.

Mobile Geofencing Advertising Use Case

Target the Right Audience

Segment down to individuals or groups of users by profile, demographics or any external data point, such as weather or social media patterns.

Reach Customers at Any Location

Sends ads to unlimited numbers of customers and precise locations internationally, without rolling out any hardware.

Monetize More Effectively

Pricing that aligns with your business model and how you charge.

Simple and Scalable Rollout

Simple technical roll out and limitless scale with product features designed for ad networks.

Optimize Campaigns With Contextual Analytics

Monetize analytics tied to direct customer decision-making.

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