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Compare Rakuten Ready vs Bluedot

A Predictive Technology Alternative: Order for Pickup That Works

A Side-by-Side Review: Rakuten Ready and Bluedot Order Ahead Technology

Deliver exceptional order ahead experiences by using predictive technology to know when a customer arrives. Bluedot provides highly accurate location detection without expensive hardware or costly battery drain.

Choose Bluedot today and get:
  • Free migration from Rakuten Ready in less than a week
  • Frictionless Order for Pickup
  • Predictive Arrival Technology (Tempo)
  • In-Store Screens for Arrival Notifications
  • Robust Network of Partners for Unified Tech Stack

Geofencing Platform Comparison

Bluedot is the preferred order ahead and predictive technology alternative to Rakuten Ready by brands such as Dunkin’, KFC, Red Rooster, Oporto, and more!


Features Bluedot Rakuten Ready
Platform Migration Free for Rakuten Customers No
Location Detection Precision 10 meters 100+ meters
Place Coverage (Points of Interest – POI) 150M Unknown
Detect Mode of Transportation Yes No
Drive Speeds and Headings Yes No, Headings Only
Detect Arrival & Departure Yes No, Arrival Only
Dwell Time Yes No
Instant, On-Device Processing Yes No (Slower, Server Side)
Overlapping, Complex Polygons for Complex Use Cases Yes No
Supports hands-free transactions for End User (e.g. Automated Checkin, Tolling) Yes No
Differentiate Between Drive-thru & Walk-ins Yes No
Cloud Partners & Integrations (Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe) Yes No
Integration Partners (Braze, Airship, mParticle, etc.) Yes No
Enterprise-Level Scale – Support High Volume Check-ins Yes No
Low Latency for Real Time Engagement (Instant Triggers) Yes No
Power Gamification Campaigns Yes No
Preserve Mobile Battery, Without Compromising Accuracy or Latency Yes No
Privacy-Friendly Permissions – Compatible With Foreground Use Cases Yes No
Time- and Distance-Based Arrival Prediction Technology Yes Yes
Location-Based Commerce & Payments (POS compatible) Yes Yes
iOS & Android SDK Yes Yes


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