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Convenience That’s a Bit More Convenient

Just a Quick Stop?

Visiting a c-store used to be about finding the cheapest gas, picking up a snack, and getting back on the road.

That’s been changing. Fresh meals, mobile apps, and special offers are making c-store loyalty programs worth a detour.

Some stores are trying new ways to turn visitors into repeat customers with geofencing technology:

  • Activating location-based offers

  • Enabling order-ahead and curbside pickup

  • Using customer data to improve service
  • Driving foot traffic into c-stores with loyalty reminders

Stand out as an experience worth a detour.

Bluedot recognized as the most innovative company in dining and hospitality.


Fast Company most innovative award 2022 Bluedot

C-store Geofencing Solutions

Better Foodservice


60%Convenience Experience Report, 2022


of Americans consider purchasing a meal from convenience stores when stopping for fast food. Hungry drivers are starting to realize they can find high-quality, freshly made food at c-stores.

Make it easy for them to order ahead via mobile app. Then use geofencing to ensure your customers’ food is ready for pickup the moment they arrive curbside.

Piping hot meals and no wait time.

Welcome to better foodservice, smarter curbside pickup, and a next-level customer experience. 

Mobile Ordering

Foodservice accounted for nearly

36% NACS State of the Industry, 2022

 of in-store gross profits.

It’s easy to see why c-stores have invested in made-to-order meals and food pick-up service. Customers love the ability to order ahead.

However, the order-ahead experience can go badly if their food is cold or isn’t ready when they arrive. 

That’s where geofencing comes in. Make it simple to prioritize orders, know exactly when to prep them, and have meals ready for pickup the moment a driver arrives. No hardware required.

Customers simply order, grab, and go.

Which features are most important when choosing a geofencing solution? Find out more.

Loyalty Offers and Rewards

47% of U.S. consumers are members of a c-store loyalty program.U.S. Convenience Store Foodservice Market Report, 2022

Although loyalty programs are more popular than ever, c-stores often fail to make the most of them.

With geofencing, you can create personalized experiences that boost engagement and drive foot traffic:

  • Prompt visitors to redeem points when they arrive for store visits

  • Use location to trigger special offers while they’re at the pump (e.g. two-for-one deals or spin-to-win rewards)

  • Understand customer behavior for better location based marketing
  • Send a timely customer feedback survey with a simple push notification

Looking for a way to keep your c-store app top of mind?

Use location data to activate customer loyalty and engagement.

The Convenience Experience Report

This inaugural study answers critical questions about consumer perceptions, expectations, and what they would like from their gas and convenience store experiences. 


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