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Faster, Fresher QSR Experiences Using Location

A Smarter Way To Engage Customers

Engage customers by using location for relevant, in-the-moment messaging..

Differentiate your quick-serve experience with timely mobile order updates, automated loyalty rewards and reminders, and more.

Leading QSR brands, including Dunkin’ and KFC, use Bluedot’s highly accurate geofencing software to power smarter engagement and personalized customer experiences.

Fast Company’s #1 Most Innovative in Dining & Hospitality

“It’s satisfying to pull up to curbside the moment an order is ready. Bluedot, a location-technology company for quick-service restaurants to enhance drive-through and curbside pickups, helps them hit the mark using only software.”

– Fast Company


Fast Company most innovative award 2022 Bluedot

QSR Geofencing Solutions

Drive Thru

70% QSR Drive-Thru Study, 2018

of QSR sales come from the drive-thru

Learn how Bluedot helps QSRs quickly identify mobile order customers and prioritize tickets. No check-ins required by customers, no hardware necessary for franchisees.

Customers simply order, grab, and go.

CRM & Loyalty


21%Bond Brand Loyalty Report, 2018

of members are prompted to use their loyalty program by brand representatives.

Increase QSR loyalty and engagement with location based marketing. Send special offers and messages based on the individual’s preferences and location (e.g. check-out counter, drive-thru, or parking lot). Or send timely reminders to redeem their loyalty rewards. 

Customer engagement reinvented.

Pick Up

QSR Curbside Pick Up Made Easy

Some quick service restaurants overlook the importance of curbside pickup for restaurant customers. Geofencing technology enables QSRs to deliver a frictionless experience.

Customers simply order ahead, are automatically checked in, and find their food hot and ready. Restaurant staff use location and ETA to sequence mobile orders, firing off well-timed kitchen tickets to make the entire customer experience simple and convenient.


Brands using gamification have seen 30% growth (on average) in loyalty measured by repeat visits and viral distribution.Mordor Intelligence, 2020

Engage, retain, and delight QSR customers with gamified experiences. Using location-based activities and rewards in your restaurant’s app, you can drive foot traffic, boost repeat visits, and gain fascinating insights into customer preferences.

Create real-world achievements with location check-ins, unlock offers, or gamify your menu with a geofencing campaign.

Ready. Set. Game on!

Smarter Messaging

Use location to engage with customers with relevant messaging that keeps your QSR app top of mind.

Create a seamless mobile order food pick-up experience, with or without a mobile app. Use arrival technology to send important updates to customers who are on route or arriving. Location also makes it easy to share a survey where your audience is most receptive and their dining experience is still fresh.

Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.McKinsey & Company, 2018

Engage when and where it matters most with geofencing marketing. Smarter messaging. Smarter engagement.

The State of What Feeds Us VII

This latest edition of our State of What Feeds Us report surveyed over 1,500 Americans to understand how restaurant brands can better reach consumers.


Bluedot SWFU7 State of What Feeds Us VII

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