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Use Location
to Cut
a Noisy World

Communicating with app users is harder than ever due to the volume of digital messages—the average US smartphone user receives 46 app push notifications per day.

But with the strategic use of location technology, it’s also never been easier to cut through the noise and deliver relevant communication that users value.

Some call it location based messaging. We call it smarter messaging.

Reach impacted users with critical emergency communications, create a seamless mobile order pick up experience with important updates on arrival, or send a timely survey when you have a captive and receptive audience – all powered by accurate location technology.

46Business of Apps, 2019

push notifications per day is what the average US smartphone user receives

Critical Communication

Cut through the noise and avoid costly missteps at critical moments by filtering messages based on app users’ location. Send emergency communications when and where it matters most.

  • Update locals on emergency utility interruptions and estimated repair time
  • Inform drivers of a hailstorm headed their way so they can move their vehicle or stay safe indoors
  • Provide planned outage alerts to impacted users based on location
  • Send regional health warnings and updates
  • Notify commuters of public transit delays, transport incidents, road closures, etc.


52%National Retail Federation, 2020

of consumers said that half or more of their purchases are influenced by convenience

Convenient Communication

Make life easy for app users on-the-go with valuable information at the right moment—such as order status on arrival for curbside pick up or loyalty reward redemption reminder at checkout.

Send smart messages to simplify customer experiences such as:

  • Automated check in and welcome on arrival for in store pick up (BOPIS)
  • Status update on curbside arrival — “Thanks for popping by! A staff member is bringing your order to your car!”
  • Reminder to redeem loyalty points on checkout for discount or free item

10-30%McKinsey & Company, 2018

Increased revenue growth

Targeted communications that are relevant
and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.

Compelling Communication

Improve the customer experience and increase loyalty with timely messaging to a captive audience. Using location, know when app users are mostly likely to engage.

Examples include:

  • Timely surveys when customers are most likely to respond (e.g. travelers who’ve landed but are still taxiing to the gate)
  • Location-based gamification that engages users throughout the day and keeps your brand top of mind
  • In-the-moment upsells when people are at your location
  • Proximity alert when customers are nearby with compelling offer that can be redeemed in store

Bluedot Provides Essential Context

Context is key to getting messaging right. It matters if a customer is passing by a store or entering a store, as the messaging would differ greatly. 

Bluedot can be used to better inform timing, segmentation, and context to ultimately enrich the brand experience — increasing revenue, elevating app engagement, and developing the right digital interactions at physical locales. 

Use real-time geolocation data to trigger smarter messaging and automated location-based campaigns.

Make sure you choose a geofencing solution with the right features for your business.

Get Heard in a Noisy App World

Geofencing features for smarter push notifications and in-app messaging

ETA-Based Messages

Use Tempo to predict customer arrival times and send relevant messaging at any stage of their journey

Relevant, Anti-Spam Audience Selection

Message only impacted users with location-based audience segmentation

Deliver location-specific messages

Bluedot’s unparalleled accuracy translates to precise messaging when and where it matters most (e.g. curbside arrival)

Localize Messaging Worldwide

Easily scale to thousands of locations with over 200 million points of interest (POI) and customize based on country or region

Identify Receptive Audience

Dwell time detection allows you to know when customers are most likely to be receptive to your message.

See for Yourself.

Speak to a Bluedot location expert today to learn more.


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