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Smart Mobility Powered by Location

10-30%Expedia Group, 2019

increased revenue growth

Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.

Timely Transit Communications

Timing is everything when it comes to transportation. Reach commuters and travelers with timely, critical messages using location.

Send alerts of reroutes or delays, inform drivers of a hailstorm headed their way so they can move their vehicle or stay safe indoors, notify customers of a shuttle ETA, and more with geofencing technology designed for transport.

Keep customers and mobile app users informed throughout their journey.


With the rise of mobility as a service (MaaS), it’s more important than ever to connect with mobile device users on their terms — when and where they need it.

Use geofencing to deliver on-the-go transportation solutions such as smart parking payments, hands-free automated tolling, real-time transit recommendations (e.g. nearby scooter or on-demand car rental), and more.

Make the journey easy and enjoyable with location.

52%Expedia Group, 2019

of respondents selected their mode of transport by the fastest option, and 34% selected based on the lowest cost

Smart Mobility Geofencing Solutions


Automated, Contactless Toll Payments

With Bluedot, toll operators provide mobile-first toll payments so drivers don’t have to stop, fumble for cash, or wait in long lines. Plus, unify trips for drivers across city and state lines — whether tolls are in-network or not.

Say goodbye to toll tag maintenance, multiple transponders for different roads, and collection of past-due toll charges by using high-accuracy geofencing with high-speed detection.

Quick. Convenient. Contactless.

Smarter Messaging

Get Heard in a Noisy World

Use location data to cut through a noisy world and deliver timely, relevant messaging that transportation app users value. Reach impacted users with critical communications, recommend alternative routes, or send a timely survey when you have a receptive audience.

Avoid costly missteps by filtering messages based on app users’ location. Engage when and where it matters most.

Smarter messaging. Smarter engagement.

On-the-Go Moments Are Critical Moments.

Learn how a geofencing solution can improve contactless payments and in-app messaging for mobility-as-a-service apps.



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