Geofencing Software That Doesn't Require Trade-offs

Meet Bluedot's Mobile Location Technology

Bluedot delivers mobile location data to brands that is 20X more accurate than other solutions. Bluedot’s geofencing software is:


ACCURATE without draining the battery.

SCALABLE without needing hardware.

RESOURCE-EFFICIENT without adding latency.

DOWN TO THE INDIVIDUAL LEVEL without compromising privacy.



The Bluedot Difference

What makes Bluedot’s geofencing software unique?

Unrivaled Accuracy

Knowing customers could be within a couple of blocks of your location isn’t useful if you need to know when they’ve actually arrived.


Bluedot delivers accurate location detection down to your storefront – 20X the accuracy compared to other solutions.


This accuracy powers use cases such as mobile toll payments (lane detection at high speeds), differentiating drive-thru versus walk-in customers, and so much more.

Mobile location accuracy - 20X compared to other solutions.

Geofencing software that supports multi-layer, complex geofences.

Multi-layer, Complex Polygon Geofences

Bluedot gives you the flexibility you need to map out any location, no matter how concentrated or complex.


Our geofences support any shape or size, including Geolines™️ – a single, razor-thin tripwire for precision down to a store entrance.


With Bluedot, you can create geofences that match the real-world shape of your location without being limited to a generic circle, square, or just lat/long coordinates.


Worldwide brands need scalable, worldwide solutions. Geofence unlimited locations without hardware. For ease of deployment, Bluedot can programmatically geofence up-to-date points of interest (POI) worldwide.


150+ Million POI

RESTFUL APIs make scaling simple.

Bluedot Places for scalability

mobile location data to power individual moments

Data to Power Individual Moments

Location data helps place consumers in the context of their physical behaviors – giving brands valuable insights for improving their services/products.


From tourism to tolling to QSRs, serve customers in the right moment with location intelligence.


Just a few of the data points Bluedot delivers include:

  • dwell time

  • entry into a location

  • exit from a location

  • visit frequency

  • speed of travel (e.g. walking, driving slowly, traveling at highway speeds)


Confidently take action on the insights at every level – from aggregate down to the individual.

Where Privacy and Location-Based Experiences Coexist


In today’s digital landscape, it’s widely expected that location-based experiences come at the expense of privacy. But what if they could exist together?


At Bluedot, we believe it’s possible to deliver high-value, location-based experiences to the end-user while still limiting identifiability. After all, privacy is about people and respecting the power of the places they visit.


Bluedot’s geofencing software is designed with both privacy and location-based experiences in mind providing brands with actionable, first-party location data segmented per app install.


We never sell location data.

Bluedot is GDPR compliant.


Enterprise Readiness


Looking to scale your location-based campaigns and experiences across your organization? Bluedot’s infrastructure is designed to globally scale for millions of locations and daily users.  


Unlimited locations for unlimited possibilities.  


Our rigorous quality assurance testing and efficient deployment ensure your campaigns are up and running quickly. 


Learn more.

Getting Started

Implement Bluedot’s geofencing software in three simple steps.

1. Embed Bluedot SDK

Bluedot SDK (software developer kit) is embedded in a brand’s mobile application. Inspired by the location detection methods in nature, Bluedot SDK is uniquely designed to minimize battery drain (using only 1/10th the typical drain of other solutions) while still achieving high accuracy.

2. Set Geofences

Brands can easily set virtual geofences (in any shape) via our map-based UI. For scaling many locations, Bluedot can programmatically identify and geofence 150 million points of interest (POI) worldwide.   These geofences generate first-party location data directly from the mobile phones of the brand’s customers. No hardware required.  

Not all geofences are created equal. Knowing with moderate confidence that a customer is in a general 150-meter area is much less useful than knowing they’ve just entered your store. In order for location data to be actionable, marketers need accurate geofencing. Learn more about geofencing.

3. Launch Location-Based Experiences

Since Bluedot integrates with all major CRM, marketing, and messaging platforms, marketers can immediately take action on the location data from within their existing marketing tools – whether creating omnichannel campaigns or delivering frictionless experiences. (Learn more about Bluedot’s partners.)


For developers, webhooks can send you location events from our servers in real-time – reducing API calls and expediting delivery of location-based actions.

Make Better Decisions,
Create Better Experiences


Location data helps brands make more informed decisions based on their customers’ real world behaviors. This creates better experiences and more value for the end consumer.


Explore our Solution Guide for more inspiration on how location data could transform your customers’ experiences.

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