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Accurate without draining the battery
Personalized without compromising privacy
Scalable without needing hardware
Instant Detection without continuous tracking

The Bluedot Difference

What makes Bluedot’s geofencing software unique?

Unrivaled Accuracy

Knowing customers could be within a couple of blocks of your location isn’t useful if you need to know when they’re at your location. 

Bluedot delivers accurate location detection down to your store front — 20x the accuracy compared to other solutions

This powers use cases such as mobile toll payments (lane detection at high speeds), differentiating drive-thru versus walk-in customers, and so much more.

Bluedot SDK is uniquely designed to minimize battery drain (using only 1/10th the typical drain of other solutions) while still achieving high accuracy.

Geofences for Any Use, No Hardware Required

Bluedot gives you the flexibility you need to map out any real-world location, no matter how concentrated or complex. 

In addition to our any-shape, any-use geofences, we offer Geoline™ — a single, razor-thin tripwire for precision down to a store entrance.

These geofences and Geoline™ generate first-party location data directly from the mobile phones of the brand’s customers and support any use-case, from intricate gamified experiences to contactless curbside pickup to faster drive-thru and more. 

Unlimited possibilities. No hardware required.

QSR Awards Bluedot Applied Tech Winner

“We’re excited to present Bluedot with a 2020 Applied Tech Award for its work in making mobile ordering and pickup more of a reality for drive-thru operators.”

-Sam Oches, editorial director for QSR Magazine


QSR Applied Tech Award Winner

A Complete Customer Arrival Toolkit for Curbside

Bluedot’s end-to-end customer arrival toolkit delivers a frictionless, first-class customer experience the moment customers pull into a curbside space, walk into a store, or enter the drive-thru — no matter how an order is placed.



Curbside Pickup Technology

Dunkin' uses Bluedot's geofencing software

With Dunkin’, Bluedot has significantly reduced wait time in frictionless drive-thrus. This is a game changer — resetting the bar for delivering real convenience and accelerating Dunkin’s mobile initiatives.

– Jack Clare, Dunkin’ former Chief Information and Strategy Officer

Personalized Moments for the Individual

Actionable geofences with data down to the individual level

Location Technology Comparison

With location data from Bluedot, brands can personalize customer interactions in meaningful ways.

For example, imagine customizing the menu board on the fly with a customer’s name and past order items or notifying a customer of their order status (via push notification) the moment they walk in the door.

Confidently take action on the insights at every level — from aggregate down to the individual.

Bluedot delivers essential insights such as:

Dwell time: the amount of time someone spends at your location—useful for sending a discount after a long wait.

Entry into a location: the moment a customer walks through your door—useful for notifying staff of customer arrival and providing real-time updates to customers.

Exit from a location: the moment a customer leaves your premise—useful for sending a timely survey.

Visit frequency: the number of times a customer visits your location—useful for boosting loyalty with gamification campaigns, well-timed engagement, or offers.

Speed of travel: a customer’s mode of transportation (e.g. walking, biking, driving slowly, driving at freeway speeds, etc.) —useful for timing orders.


Worldwide brands need scalable, global geofencing solutions. Geofence unlimited locations without hardware. Bluedot’s infrastructure is designed to globally scale for millions of locations and daily users. 

For ease of deployment, Bluedot can programmatically geofence points of interest. RESTFUL APIs make scaling simple.


Up-to-date points of interest
(POI) worldwide.

Privacy On (and With) Purpose

Bluedot values consumer privacy. We power high-impact experiences because we believe that the data collected should be with consent and proportional to the value delivered to the end-user. We never sell location data. Bluedot is GDPR compliant.

Learn more about the nine privacy principles that guide our innovation in our Privacy Declaration

Get Started with Bluedot in 3 Simple Steps

Are you ready?

Embed Bluedot SDK

Bluedot SDK (software developer kit) is embedded in a brand’s mobile application.


Set Geofences

Marketers and developers alike can easily set virtual geofences (in any shape) via our map-based UI. 


Launch Your Experience

Tap into robust integrations and webhooks to start powering remarkable, high-impact customer experiences.


See Bluedot in Action.

Discover how Bluedot’s actionable geofencing software can help you deliver smarter messaging and frictionless experiences for your customers. 

See the technology in action during your personalized demo.