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Win and Retain App Users with Gamified Experiences

Make every interaction fun with location technology.

With millions of apps available to consumers, leading brands use location-based gamification to attract and engage app users. 

When you combine the digital components of gaming with physical location, the experience unlocks a whole new level of enjoyment and engagement.

Gamification works best when it contains a social element, which is why mobile is the perfect platform.Forbes, 2018

40%Deloitte Insights, 2012

increased customer interactions with a company from using gamification

Drive App Downloads and Boost Engagement

Powered by Bluedot, apps can launch sensational marketing campaigns with location-based gamification to drive adoption and increase active users.

Geolocation technology enables customizable gaming experiences such as earning badges based on visit frequency, unlocking tiers from completing location-based activities, and more. 

Gamification campaigns are particularly effective because the explicit value to consumers makes it easy for app users to opt in to location permissions and push notifications. Customers know exactly why location detection is required and the brand delivers a high-impact, rewarding experience.


70%ISACA, 2016

of consumers believe AR
can bring them benefits.

Winning With Augmented Reality

Use geolocation along with augmented reality (AR) for enhanced customer interactions at designated locations. 

For example, add AR artwork to your storefront, iconic public statues, or park benches where app users can find treasures and unlock rewards when they collect all the artwork.

Wow users with interactive AR characters that welcome customers, say hello, give pep talks, provide clues, and more based on the app users location. 

Game on!

Level Up Your App With Gamified Experiences

Geofencing Features for App Gamification

Advanced Capabilities

Do more with best-in-class geofencing technology that’s 20x more accurate than other solution providers.

Robust Integrations

Actionable geofences via the marketing tool of your choice to power remarkable gaming experiences. Explore all integrations.


Eliminate costly rollouts. Get to market quicker. No beacons required.


Easily scale to thousands of locations with over 150 million points of interest (POI) and counting.

Privacy Protected

Deliver dynamic experiences with industry-leading software designed to protect end-user privacy. Location data is never sold or shared.

Gaming Makes Life Fun.

Learn how geolocation takes app gamification to the next level by creating real-world quests, unlocking rewards, or gamifying location-based experiences.



Gamification Campaign Solution Guide: Geofencing Technology

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