Driving Smarter

Mobile-First Toll Road Payments for the Modern Era

Intelligence for Your Toll Road App


Embed Bluedot’s proprietary geolocation technology into your mobile app so drivers can pass through your toll roads without stopping.

Mobile-First Toll Road Payments for the Modern Era


With Bluedot, operators can:

  • Auto-detect when a driver is entering a tolling area
  • Understand which lane the driver is using and charge accordingly – whether HOV, carpool, or cash lanes
  • Detect vehicles at high speeds
  • Understand direction and heading
  • Validate trips- minimize under and over-payments
  • Offer bank encrypted mobile payments
  • Keep drivers safe – no app interaction needed while driving



“Partnering with Bluedot has enabled the delivery of our innovative smartphone app, which is helping our customers easily manage their use of our roads while building in safeguards to promote road safety.”


Chris Jackson
Transurban (Australia’s largest toll operator)
General Manager

Ease Matters


The quicker your drivers get through the toll, the more they will value your roads. Consumers are willing to pay 11-25% more for convenience, according to CNBC reports.


  Don’t take our word for it. Powering 1M+ trips.


Reduce Costs, Streamline Processes


Whether you’re looking to replace transponders or offer a mobile-first toll management solution, Bluedot is ready. Validated trips on Bluedot mean less back office processes to manage hardware and toll road payments.


Say goodbye to maintenance of toll tags, multiple transponders for different roads, and collection of past due toll charges.

Geofences on a toll road

Interoperability is Now Possible


With Bluedot, toll road operators can quickly unify trips for drivers across city and state lines – whether tolls are in network or not. No need for drivers to carry just the right amount of cash for each toll road (managed or carpool lane), nor worry about peak hour vs standard fares.


Your mobile tolling app can now seamlessly handle these journeys at scale.


Data is King


Harness the power of mobile location data from your toll road app to glean insights. As drivers near your toll highway, understand the flow of traffic, travel time to toll, lane changes, work zone impacts, and more. Leverage high-quality, real-time location data to make quicker decisions for traffic efficiency and driver safety.


Go Cashless. No Transponder Required. Supports AET (all electronic tolling).

LinktGO Automates Payments with Tolling App

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