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MaaS: Powering Contactless Transportation Solutions - Featured Image
By Mae Cichelli | August 26

MaaS: Powering Contactless Transportation Solutions

Accelerated by the pandemic, modern transportation solutions like cashless gas, parking, and tolling payments are needed more than ever. 

When the COVID-19 lockdown first started in the United States, many cities suspended parking enforcement to incentive staying at home.  Less people were buying gas as travel became more restricted. And US toll stations became cashless seemingly overnight in what must have been an operational backflip to pull off so quickly.

As we move forward through this pandemic, customers are venturing out again though expecting safety protocols to be in place.  This new surge in demand puts mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) providers in both a rush to meet the moment while maintaining meticulous safety procedures in the systems they overhaul.

But here’s the thing: contactless transportation solutions don’t have to demand operational gymnastics from operators to launch on an expedited timeline.


Location makes mobility as a service (MaaS) easy for consumers.

Here are a few ways that precise geofencing can streamline operations with accelerated implementation and improve safety to support frictionless customer journeys in transportation. 


Contactless Gas & Electric Charging Payments

Powered by location, gas station apps can verify when a customer has pulled up at a specific pump and prompt in-app payments. Automatically award loyalty points in the app based on how often customers visit, allowing drivers to redeem rewards in real-time.

Charging station apps can also use location to verify when a customer has pulled up at a specific electric charging station. Deep-link into the app to allow drivers to make a payment with minimal contact.

Or offer a single app for customers to pay to charge at any electric vehicle station. No infrastructure or beacons necessary, as geofences instantly detect and verify who is pulling up to which station.  Drivers simply park, charge and pay via the mobile app.

Parking Reinvented

Easier parking makes for better mobility. Parking lot companies and parking apps can create an effortless experience for drivers by offering an app-based subscription that instantly authorizes payments based on the member’s parking location and duration. There’s no need to have your customer input parking zone or street information.

For ease of deployment, Bluedot's infrastructure is designed to programmatically geofence unlimited points of interest around the globe. RESTFUL APIs make scaling simple.

Cashless Tolling: a Mobile-First Transportation Solution

Transurban, one of the world's largest toll operators, uses precise geofencing to offer its drivers cashless, mobile-first payment options. Powered by Bluedot’s geofencing technology, the GoToll and LinktGo apps detect the exact moment a driver enters a toll and automatically processes the payment once the trip is complete - eliminating the need for drivers to stop, find cash, install transponder hardware, or remember to pay tolls online later.  

Cashless tolling via the mobile app not only helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, but also saves time and money associated with acquiring and setting up hardware (e.g. EZPass).

These hands-free tolling transactions require advanced geofencing technology for precise, high-speed detection with ultra-low latency to process payments accurately. When a customer drives over a virtual tolling geofence or Geoline™, even at a high speed, their location is detected and processed immediately - not 5 or 10 minutes later when the driver could be miles away.

Keep drivers going and eliminate traffic jams with cashless tolling via your location-powered app.


An excellent journey begins with frictionless mobility. These are just a few examples that show how location technology minimizes contact, improves safety, and delivers a seamless journey for customers. 

Contactless Transportation Solutions: Explore location-based campaigns for mobility apps


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Now that’s MaaS made easy.