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COVID-19 impact - must reads for QSRs

COVID-19 Impact: 9 Curated Must Reads for Quick Serves & Restaurants

As we all scramble to figure out what a new ‘normal’ looks like during the coronavirus pandemic, here are a few hand-picked resources especially for quick serves and restaurants. Some are strategic – helping owners and operators plan beyond this … Read More

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Responding to COVID-19: Fast Food Focuses on Drive Thru, Pickup

Both will be powerful tools to keep customers safe during the coronavirus crisis. First published in QSR Magazine. With the spread of COVID-19 and the fear and uncertainty it brings to customers, quick-service restaurants need to act quickly and strategically to … Read More

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tolling reinvented - toll payments with no stopping and no transponder

Tolling Reinvented: No Stopping and No Transponder

Imagine cruising through a toll without stopping, fumbling for cash, or worrying about the balance on your transponder. Say hello to GoToll – a mobile app launched this month in Virginia that enables hands-free, hardware-free toll payments via drivers’ smartphones … Read More

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App experiences: Mobile location

20 Frictionless Experiences That Make Life Easy Using Mobile Location

Who doesn’t want convenience? One of the best ways for brands to meet this universal demand is to create location-based experiences that reduce friction and save time for consumers.   Make Your App Work Harder So Consumers Don’t Have To … Read More

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APP gamification: Whopper Detour

Whopper Detour: App Gamification Wins With Location

Want to drive app downloads and boost engagement? Here’s a winning strategy: gamify a location-based experience using your mobile app.  That’s exactly what Burger King did to become #1 on the iOS App Store just days after their sensational 1¢ … Read More

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Android App Permissions - what's new with Android 10

Android App Permissions: What’s new with user privacy and location in Android 10?

Google released the latest major update to Android on September 3, ditching the alphabetical desserts and naming this version Android 10. While losing the sweet tooth appeal, Android 10 has provided a lovely assortment of goodies, such as dark theme, … Read More

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bluedot team

Bluedot named finalist for Timmy Awards – Best Tech Workplace for Diversity

We recognize the importance of diversity as a unique strength to not only our business but as part of our DNA and company culture … Read More

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mobile ordering for QSR

The #1 Mobile Ordering Mistake QSRs Make

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way The only thing faster than a quick service restaurant (QSR) experience is an order ahead QSR experience. Less waiting. More personalized experiences. Fresher food. The promise of a mobile order is alluring to … Read More

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location prompt for marketers and mobile managers

iOS 13 Location Prompt: What It Means for Marketers and Mobile Managers

[This is a continuation of the previous post iOS 13 Location Prompt: What’s New.] The wild, wild west of mobile location is over. Consumers want better service AND more privacy. This trend is most notable with Apple’s rollout of the … Read More

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