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restaurants reopening after COVID-19

5 Curated Must-Reads for Restaurants Reopening

Recovering from the impact of COVID-19 will be a long, ongoing process for restaurants. While much is still uncertain, there are several guiding insights that can inform how to safely reopen. We’ve curated five key resources to help restaurant owners … Read More

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new normal for restaurant success

Low-Touch Economy: The New Normal for Restaurant Success

First published in Modern Restaurant Management. As states look to reopen their economies, fast food and quick-service restaurants face the daunting task of meeting the needs of customers who have dramatically changed their behavior and preferences in response to the … Read More

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Consumer Behavior Amid COVID-19

Key Drivers of Consumer Behavior Amid COVID-19

What Matters Most When Purchasing Food and Essentials. The last few weeks have altered life dramatically, leaving consumers to form new habits as they practice social distancing and shelter-in-place. Although it’s unclear how long shelter-in-place will last or how it … Read More

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The State of What Feeds Us

The State of What Feeds Us

Over the last few weeks, we have all experienced the unthinkable – a global pandemic that upends our way of life and leaves no stone unturned. No precedent in history can guide us in these unchartered waters. At Bluedot, this … Read More

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COVID social distance tracking

How to Reach Critical Mass for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

As COVID-19 sweeps across the globe, many companies have set out to leverage technology to create solutions that would help inform individuals and communities of possible exposure to the virus. Much like understanding the origins of the virus and its … Read More

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COVID-19 impact - must reads for QSRs

COVID-19 Impact: 9 Curated Must Reads for Quick Serves & Restaurants

As we all scramble to figure out what a new ‘normal’ looks like during the coronavirus pandemic, here are a few hand-picked resources especially for quick serves and restaurants. Some are strategic – helping owners and operators plan beyond this … Read More

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Responding to COVID-19: Fast Food Focuses on Drive Thru, Pickup

Both will be powerful tools to keep customers safe during the coronavirus crisis. First published in QSR Magazine. With the spread of COVID-19 and the fear and uncertainty it brings to customers, quick-service restaurants need to act quickly and strategically to … Read More

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tolling reinvented - toll payments with no stopping and no transponder

Tolling Reinvented: No Stopping and No Transponder

Imagine cruising through a toll without stopping, fumbling for cash, or worrying about the balance on your transponder. Say hello to GoToll – a mobile app launched this month in Virginia that enables hands-free, hardware-free toll payments via drivers’ smartphones … Read More

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App experiences: Mobile location

20 Frictionless Experiences That Make Life Easy Using Mobile Location

Who doesn’t want convenience? One of the best ways for brands to meet this universal demand is to create location-based experiences that reduce friction and save time for consumers.   Make Your App Work Harder So Consumers Don’t Have To … Read More

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