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Bluedot Hackweek: Episode V

Hack Week: Episode V

Christmas came early to Bluedot. Hack Week 2018, ended last week and I’m still excited about all our team’s creations.   During the second week of December, our Melbourne  team ‘hacked’ everything from how we approach learning, to building, to … Read More

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Bluedot Culture - Ryan's Movember Campaign

Unintentional Lessons from a Movember Campaign

November is known globally as the month of Movember, where men and women from all around the world will grow a moustache (Mo) to raise awareness about men’s health, particularly prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.   Naturally, most campaigns … Read More

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Burger King Conquest Campaign

Burger King’s 1 Cent Whopper Deal Is Near Perfect Conquesting

Conquesting: n. a marketing strategy to win over competitors’ customers   Geo-conquesting: n. a marketing strategy to win over competitors’ customers using location – engaging consumers when they are physically in or around your competitors’ store   Usually, the “wars” … Read More

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Bluedot Location Data: LinktGo

Convenience: The Ultimate Litmus Test

The litmus test for any technology is how it improves the day-to-day life of its users. It’s interesting how some tech that are fascinating tend to fail, while others that seem mediocre reaps success. So, what gives? It all comes … Read More

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Bluedot Location at Bullrush Rally

Bullrush Rally uses Bluedot’s Location Data for Critical Driving Stats

Zoom! Zoom! 149.22 kilometers per hour (or 92.72 miles per hour) on a turn and no spin outs!   Recently on a gorgeous day, almost 50 racers took to the wheel for a good cause at Wakefield Park Raceway near … Read More

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Culture and Values – What It’s Like Working at Bluedot

What do Armenian politics, Pokémon GO, a job board, and murder ballads have in common? Our San Francisco-based Bluedot team. Our backgrounds and interests are as varied as they come – representing five different cultures and six or seven languages. … Read More

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The Secret Sauce to Our Software Architecture

Our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Filip Eldic, shares a peek into his role and what it takes to build a resilient software architecture.   As Chief Product Officer at Bluedot, my job is to innovate. And what I enjoy … Read More

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Customer Journey: Location Intelligence

Personalize Your Customer Journey with Location Intelligence

Personalize content along your entire customers’ journey with contextual location intelligence.   Your customers expect personalization. 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences.  Personalization requires a contextual data directly from customers’ … Read More

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Bluedot Dev Docs: Interface

Bluedot Launches New Interface for Developer Documentation

In an ongoing effort to enhance our clients’ experiences, Bluedot is pleased to announce an updated Developer Documentation site. The new site improves the organizational flow of information and readability for developers.   We hope the hard work we’ve poured … Read More

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