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Reinvent Shopping Experiences With Location

84%RetailNext, 2019

of consumers believe retailers should be doing more to integrate their online and offline channels

Smarter Messaging for Modern Retail

The next era of communication around offers and rewards is here. No longer will customers tolerate irrelevant promotions or unsolicited proximity-based marketing notifications.

Modernize your communication with smarter, location-based messaging that unlocks powerful individual experiences. Deliver relevant, in-the-moment upsells during a curbside pickup, automate store visit rewards, send timely surveys based on dwell time, and more.

Use location to send messages your customers actually want to receive.

Make Shopping Easy

Shoppers demand more flexibility and control whether browsing/purchasing online, opting for curbside or in store pick up, or pre-selecting items for a prepared dressing room.

Retailers can deliver on this demand by using retail geofencing technology to power frictionless experiences. Imagine a seamless click and collect or pick up solution where customers literally grab and go thanks to automated check-ins and timely alerts for staff.

With location, brands can now give customers more flexibility by predicting customer arrival times, providing order updates on arrival, automating loyalty rewards, and more. Give shoppers a seamless experience that will keep them coming back again and again.

80%Salesforce, 2019

of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services

Retail Geofencing Solutions

Pick Up

Retail Curbside Pick Up Made Easy

Is there anything more convenient for shoppers than a frictionless BOPIS experience? Use a location-based solution to seamlessly connect online ordering with curbside or in-store pick up. 

Automatically check shoppers in when they arrive, and use location to sequence mobile orders so everything is nicely packaged up and ready to go as customers approach.

Real convenience, just in time.

Smarter Messaging

Targeted communications that are relevant and useful can create lasting customer loyalty and drive revenue growth of 10 to 30 percent.

Use retail geofencing and location based marketing to deliver timely, relevant messages that are valuable to your app users.

Create a seamless retail mobile-order pick up experience with important updates when customers arrive at the store. Or send a timely survey while shoppers are still on site and engaged with the brand.

Also, use location insights to filter messages based on app users’ location, avoiding any potential missteps. Mobile marketing helps engage when and where it matters most.

Smarter messaging. Smarter engagement.

CRM & Loyalty


21%Bond Brand Loyalty Report, 2018

of members are prompted to use their loyalty program by brand representatives.

Boost engagement and loyalty by automating rewards based on your customer’s physical location (e.g. check-out counter, eyewear department, or parking lot).

Send personalized messages, offers, or timely reminders on customer arrival to redeem their loyalty rewards while on location. “Welcome back, Jade! Claim your free beverage when you place your order.”

Loyalty and customer experience reinvented with geofencing marketing.


Brands using gamification have seen 30% growth (on average) in loyalty measured by repeat visits and viral distribution.Mordor Intelligence, 2020

Strategically use gamified experiences to engage, retain, and delight retail customers. Drive foot traffic and boost repeat visits with location-based activities and rewards in your app.

Create real-world rewards with location check-ins, unlock offers, gamify shopping, and more.

Ready. Set. Game on!

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