Click and Collect Made Easy

Location Technology for Mobile Orders and Pick Ups

Convenience and Safety Enabled By Location

Click and Collect – or buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) – is supposed to save customers time.


Reality check: Customers still have to manually check-in, deal with inflexible time slots (11:15 am – 12:15 pm), and stand in long pickup lines or wait for orders that aren’t ready.


But click and collect doesn’t have to be a hassle. Imagine no lines, no waiting, and no stale or spoiled items (for grocery and quick service restaurants – QSR).


Understand customer arrivals with timely automated check-ins to improve operational efficiencies and flow. Minimize wait and contact between customers and staff for a safer environment.


Now, that’s a real win-win.

mobile pick up solutions for groceries

The More You Know


84% of people buy online to save time and 78% buy online to avoid long lines in-store. (NPR/Marist, 2018)


Make your app purposeful. Use our location SDK to understand whether your customer is approaching or already at your store to expedite the pick up in store experience.


Bottom Line: Your Customers Won’t Miss Waiting

BOPIS Grocery Line

In-Store Pick Up

For Grocery, QSR, Retail, and Pharmacy


Create a hassle-free BOPIS experience for customers by using mobile location to automate or simplify every aspect of the process.


  • Send a welcome message on arrival with the status of their order. “Great timing, Sam – you’re checked in, order is ready for pick-up at customer service!”

  • Understand how to better prioritize your pick-and-pack orders with real-time insights

  • Early customer arrival? No worries. Eliminate additional waiting in order ahead pick up lines by preparing the order when customers are nearby.

  • Got a backlog of BOPIS orders? Notify nearby customers of the estimated delay, allowing them to run another errand first, grab some coffee, or finish that episode they were watching.

  • Beat Amazon by providing customers a hassle-free buy online and return in store (BORIS) experience.


BOPIS for Grocery

Real Convenience. Better Experiences.


“Order pickup is our most profitable transaction. This represents a meaningful opportunity to increase convenience for customers.”


Erik Nordstrom, Co-President of Nordstrom, Inc.

Curbside Pick Up

For Grocery, QSR, Retail, and Pharmacy


Design a truly convenient curbside pick up experience with location that detects customer arrival. Staff are notified and bring the order curbside. Customers simply drive up and go.

Solve for:

  • Minimizing contact time for order pick up between BOPIS customers and employees.

  • Customers in a hurry don’t need to chase down an associate or check in manually. Learn how you can automate check-in with location.

  • Caregivers eliminate the hassle of unloading and loading patients and save time as they pick up prescriptions.

  • Parents don’t have to turn off the car or haul hungry kids into the grocery store.

  • No parking available? No problem. Provide another way for your customers to make a purchase via curbside.

  • Too rainy or cold to step out of the car, give order ahead customers real convenience in bad weather.


Achieve Faster and Safer Mobile Pick Up Experiences

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