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The State of What Feeds Us II

This study highlights critical trends and insights on the demand for drive-thru and curbside pickup as COVID-19 continues. It also includes app downloads and usage trends as consumer behavior shifts toward contactless interactions.


Geofencing Solution Guide

Discover geofencing solutions for your app to power frictionless interactions with customers and unlock the power of place.


Mobility as a Service

On-the-go moments are critical moments. Learn how location-based solutions can improve cashless payments and in-app messaging for mobility as a service apps.



Gaming makes life fun! Regardless of the type of app, you can strategically use gamified experiences to engage, retain, and delight users. Learn how geolocation takes app gamification to the next level.


The State of What Feeds Us (Vol I)

In the wake of COVID-19, consumers are turning to apps to limit contact when purchasing food and essentials. Gain insights into how the current health crisis is impacting consumer behaviors for restaurants and stores.

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