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The State of What Feeds Us

Demand for Restaurants & Essentials Amid COVID-19



state of what feeds us: Covid-19 study

Understanding Consumer Behaviors During the Pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, consumers turned to apps to limit contact when purchasing food and essentials. Bluedot surveyed over 1,600 Americans in April 2020 to gain insights into how the current health crisis is impacting consumer behaviors for restaurants and stores.

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Now spanning 3 years and 7 studies, the State of What Feeds Us series continues to cover dining trends. Looking for the latest research? Try the State of What Feeds Us Vol. 7.

Top Takeaways From the Study:

The majority of consumers (53%) are adding more mobile apps to limit their contact with on-site staff.
More than half (51%) have downloaded at least one new app to purchase food and essentials, with 37% adding more than two.
Overwhelmingly, consumers feel safer at a drive-thru that offers less or zero human contact.
Nearly half of Gen Z are willing to try out a new restaurant if curbside is an option.
Download the study to discover which apps are downloaded most, consumer demand and expectations for drive-thru, and generational differences when it comes to buying food.

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