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Bluedot’s award-winning software powers meaningful engagement across key industries including retail, restaurants, grocery, and transportation.

With pinpoint accuracy that is 20x more precise than any other mobile location provider, Bluedot can immediately detect when a customer enters the drive-thru, arrives at curbside, or walks into a store.

Latency is measured in milliseconds, not minutes, which means that brands can drive sophisticated campaigns with advanced gamification, personalized messaging, geofencing marketing, and automated loyalty.

In addition to Bluedot’s geofencing technology is the Customer Arrival Toolkit: Tempo, Hello Screens, and Wave. Easy to implement, the Customer Arrival Toolkit helps businesses instantly check customers in (and alert staff) the moment they arrive without having to call, text, or ask for service.

Both GDPR and CCPA compliant, Bluedot is 100% hardware free. No beacons required. 

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