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Bluedot Powers Location-Based Mobile Engagement

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Unlock Use Cases Not Possible Before

Reach users at thousands or millions of locations, where you can’t roll out hardware. Target locations that change daily or you don’t control.

Unlock Use Cases Not Possible Before


Allow pre-ordering and purchase anywhere, before guiding the customer to the store for pickup.

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Increase ticket sales by sending offers, including for last minute tickets, to high traffic areas away from your venue.

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Ad Networks

Increase your revenue by delivering industry-leading conversion rates, supported by the most accurate ad attribution in the market.

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Increase sales at your client’s restaurants and bars through automated offers, pre-ordering, payments and loyalty.

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Audience Targeting

Our flexible and precise conditioning engine lets you segment by demographics, behavior or any data point. Deliver relevant, personalized campaigns that target individuals or groups.

Add Value to Your Beacon Network

Complement your Beacons with Bluedot’s hardware-free, accurate location service to extend your reach to anywhere around a city. Deliver a seamless experience throughout the customer journey from outdoors to deep indoors, managed centrally with our Beacon-agnostic platform.

Reach Customers Beyond the Physical Store

Don’t let your proximity engagement stop at your premises. Interact with your customers anywhere, add value along their entire journey and nurture them along the ‘last mile’ to your store.

Higher Conversions

Our location services lets you deliver highly relevant and contextual content, leading to higher conversions and revenue per user. Higher conversions means happy clients. No spam and quality engagement means happy end-users.

Bridging Physical and Digital

Connect the mobile experience of your customers with locations that are relevant to your brand or business. Drive in-store foot traffic and sales, enable mobile purchases from anywhere and allow for seamless pickup and delivery.

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