About Us

We’re Here to Transform Location Services

Bluedot Innovation technology is changing what is possible in location services by combining cutting-edge innovation with the highest quality execution.

Bluedot Technology: more accuracy with less battery drain

We enable location-based commerce and social innovation across any industry where mobility and location can add value. Through ground breaking R&D and intellectual property, we’ve overcome the problems that have prevented precise location-aware apps from being developed. These include the trade-off between high precision and battery life, the costly need for additional hardware and concerns about privacy.

By solving these problems, a new generation of location-aware solutions that couldn’t exist before are being powered by Bluedot technology.


Meet Our Leadership

Filip Eldic


Leads the company’s R&D program and previously helped launch successful location-based apps. Forbes 30 under 30 in Technology. Background in IT, economics and international relations, and previously held financial roles.

Filip Eldic Co-Founder

Emil Davityan


Cyber policy adviser to successive Australian Prime Ministers, leading complex projects with major technology companies and international governments. Previously an adviser on international economic and financial policy, and held financial roles.

Emil Davityan Co-founder

David Jaques

Chief Financial Officer

Founding CFO of PayPal, where he raised $140 million and achieved a valuation of $680 million. CFO of Nokia’s venture capital fund, BlueRun Ventures, and previously at Barclays Bank and Senior Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank.

David Jaques - Chief Financial Officer

Balendran Thavarajah

Chief Technology Officer

Managed major international projects and teams, with expertise across a broad range of technology platforms and methodologies. Previously development manager at Standards Australia and held roles at Centrelink, Soul and DigiPlus. Associate lecturer at the University of Western Sydney.

Balendran Thavarajah - Chief Technology Officer