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Curbside Pickup Made Easy With Location

Curbside pickup or in-store pickup (AKA click and collect) is supposed to save customers time.

Reality check: Customers still have to manually check-in, deal with inflexible time slots (11:15 am – 12:15 pm), and stand in long pickup lines or wait for orders that aren’t ready.

But curbside pickup doesn’t have to be a struggle. Imagine no lines, no waiting, and no stale or spoiled items (looking at you, grocery and quick service restaurants – QSR).

Understand customer arrivals with timely automated check-ins to improve operational efficiencies and flow. Minimize wait and contact between customers and staff for a safer environment.

Now, that’s a real win-win.

QSR Awards Bluedot Applied Tech Winner

“We’re excited to present Bluedot with a 2020 Applied Tech Award for its work in making mobile ordering and pickup more of a reality for drive-thru operators.”

-Sam Oches, editorial director for QSR Magazine


QSR Applied Tech Award Winner

Curbside Pickup


For Grocery, Retail, Pharmacy, and QSR
Design a truly convenient curbside pickup experience with location that detects customer arrival.

Staff are notified and bring the order curbside. Customers simply drive up and go.

Solve for:

  • Minimizing contact time for order pick up between BOPIS customers and employees.
  • Customers in a hurry don’t need to chase down an associate or check in manually. Learn how you can automate check-in with location.
  • Caregivers eliminate the hassle of unloading and loading patients and save time as they pick up prescriptions.
  • Parents don’t have to turn off the car or haul hungry kids into the grocery store.
  • No parking available? No problem. Provide another way for your customers to make a purchase via curbside.
  • Too rainy or cold to step out of the car, give order ahead customers real convenience in bad weather. 


84%NPR/Marist Poll, 2018

of people buy online to save time and
78% buy online to avoid long lines in-store.
Convenience and Safety Enabled By Location

Make your app purposeful. Use our location SDK to understand whether your customer is approaching or already at your store to expedite the pick up in store experience and keep customers and employees safe.

Bottom line: your customers won’t miss waiting

In-Store Pickup


For Grocery, Retail, Pharmacy, and QSR
Create a hassle-free pickup experience for customers by using mobile location to automate or simplify every aspect of the process.
  • Send a welcome message on arrival with the status of their order. “Great timing, Sam – you’re checked in, order is ready for pick-up at customer service!”
  •  Understand how to better prioritize your pick-and-pack orders with real-time insights
  •  Early customer arrival? No worries. Eliminate additional waiting in order ahead pick up lines by preparing the order when customers are nearby.
  • Got a backlog of pickup orders? Notify nearby customers of the estimated delay, allowing them to run another errand first, grab some coffee, or finish that episode they were watching.
  •  Beat Amazon by providing customers a hassle-free buy online and return in store (BORIS) experience.

Bluedot Tempo: Predictive Time-based arrival (ETA) technology for curbside pickup

Bluedot Tempo:
Efficient, Contactless Curbside Pickup

Imagine your staff member is ready when the customer pulls up to the designated pick up area. The trunk pops open, goods are placed inside the vehicle and off they (customer) go! 

Tempo’s predictive arrival technology enables you to meet customers curbside – at just the right time. Tempo understands if a customer is approaching or has arrived using time-based location technology. With Tempo, businesses can prioritize order prepping or fulfillment based on arrival, not based on when an order was placed.

Tempo does not require license plate recognition, cameras, or any additional customer identifiers. It easily integrates into your app and understands how far away the customer is from your store and when they arrive on-site for a seamless hand-over.

Now that’s real convenience.

Mobile Location Unlocks Possibility for Pickup

Geofencing Features for True Curbside Convenience

Unparalleled Precision

Complex curbside and drive-thru scenarios are supported with Bluedot’s unparalleled mobile location precision.


Eliminate costly rollouts. Get to market quicker. No beacons required.


Easily scale to thousands of locations with over 150 million points of interest (POI) and counting.

Time-Based Arrival Prediction

Bluedot’s geofencing software accurately detects speed and location to predict customer arrival and help staff sequence pickup orders.

Order pickup is our most profitable transaction. This represents a meaningful opportunity to increase convenience for customers.

- Erik Nordstrom, Co-President of Nordstrom, Inc.

See for Yourself.

Speak to a Bluedot location expert today to learn more.


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