Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partnership

Bluedot + Salesforce

With the Bluedot Location Marketing app, companies using Salesforce Marketing Cloud can now personalize engagement and transform the customer journey using their real-time location.

Bluedot Location Marketing, available on the AppExchange, is the first and only application on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that provides unprecedented accuracy and segmentation in location-based marketing, empowering brands to build personalized journeys at scale.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud Bluedot Partnership


Personalization at Scale

Personalize each customer’s journey using their real-time location and preferences


Bluedot Location Marketing available on the Salesforce AppExchange

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Best-In-Class Location Marketing

With Bluedot Location Marketing, get the accurate, optimized and scalable technology available on the market

Unparalled Accuracy

Patented Geoline™ and geofencing technology lets marketers deliver personalized, relevant offers when customers crosses a tripwire or geofence at precisely marked locations

Personalization at Scale

Smart conditioning engine only activates locations that are relevant to target individuals or groups based on profile, past behavior, or any external data point, such as weather


Replaces need for beacons in most cases, cutting hardware and maintenance costs


Provides maximum accuracy of a customer’s location while minimizing battery usage on their smartphones

Enterprise Ready

Bank-level security, anonymized data for consumer privacy, and highly scalable architecture to support unlimited locations

Works Across Any Industry

Wide adoption in Retail, Hospitality, Events, Real Estate, Financial Services, and more