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Introducing Bluedot Places: Automated Geofences for Points of Interest - Featured Image
By Judy Chan | May 02

Introducing Bluedot Places: Automated Geofences for Points of Interest

The innovative ways that Bluedot customers use our high precision location services to engage their customers never cease to amaze our team. In many scenarios, the ability to scale locations and programmatically create geofences around key points of interest are fundamentally important.


We’re happy to introduce Bluedot Places, which streamlines how our customers deploy geofences at scale. This add-on service to our subscription plans replaces the manual process of reverse geocoding addresses to determine the lat and long of each location. Brands using Bluedot can simply indicate which points of interest matter to their business, define the radius and launch their location-based campaigns.


Bluedot Places also eases the management of locations. Each geofence around a point of interest will automatically be added to a Bluedot Zone and assigned the name of the point of interest.


Let’s say that you’re looking to track in-store visits to convenience stores in New York City. Here’s a glimpse of what your dashboard and geofences might look like:



To see a full list of points of interest that we support, please visit our Bluedot Places page. You will also find some common scenarios used by our customers.


Our team can also provide a demo and consultative services over your next project. To book a time, reach out here.