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Today, only 1% of founders backed by venture capital in the United States are Black. This is appalling and shows how the odds are stacked against Black technologists and entrepreneurs. The onus is on us in the tech community to start evening the odds.

In an effort to provide concrete, long-lasting support, we are making our software completely free to U.S.-based, early-stage startups led by Black founders.


Criteria for free access

U.S.-based companies led by one or more Black founders, that have raised less than $30M in venture capital, and have fewer than 150 employees are eligible for this program. We request that founders apply personally and share with us how else we can help them.

Our goal is to help you scale your business as rapidly and efficiently as possible. 


About Bluedot

Bluedot’s location technology for mobile apps powers meaningful interactions between brands and their customers across key industries including quick-service restaurants, retail, and transportation. With pinpoint accuracy, Bluedot’s easy-to-implement location technology can identify when a mobile app user arrives at a business, places mobile orders at drive-thrus, arrives at a curbside or pickup spot, or passes a toll location. Compliant with GDPR and CCPA, Bluedot focuses on protecting end-user privacy and never shares or sells personal information.

Top global brands such as Dunkin’, McDonald’s, and Craveable trust Bluedot for their location-based needs. 


Bluedot Program Includes:
  • 1-year free account with Bluedot
  • 100,000 MAUs
  • 1,000 Locations
  • All Bluedot SDKs, APIs, Webhooks, and Integrations
  • Free 1-hour consulting session with Bluedot Solution Engineers to help building out use cases
  • Free integration support
  • Permission from participating founders to collaborate on a case study, provide a logo, or equivalent


Apply Now.

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