Place Consumer Experiences in Context

Location delivers relevance and intent.

Elevate your customers' experience by understanding their physical behavior.

Build Customer Profiles


Accurate, first-party location data to build contextual customer profiles

Omnichannel engagement


Deliver high impact omni-channel engagement where it matters

Measure ROI


Track attribution, ROI, and customer behaviors with contextual data

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Exclusive Provider of Geoline™ Technology


The Most Powerful Location Technology


Razor-Thin Tripwires
Geoline™ technology is a virtual tripwire that triggers any action in a mobile device when customers cross over.


Patented Technology
Our patented Geoline™ technology is the unprecedented result of ground breaking R&D that has transformed what’s possible in the location services market.


Superior Accuracy
Everyone else allows you to set a circular geofence that’s 100 meters wide. We’ve gone down to an incredibly thin virtual line. Better accuracy, more flexibility, powerful performance.

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Add Location to Win Mobile Moments


  • Deliver offers, ads and content
  • Enable pre-orders and instant purchases
  • Mobile payments for any location
  • Seamless pickup and deliveries


Add Location to Win Mobile Moments

Increase Clients and Revenue

  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Acquire new clients
  • Generate more revenue per client or user
  • Increase digital and offline sales through mobile

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Optimize Marketing and Sales

  • Leverage the most accurate attribution
  • Demonstrate powerful ROI
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Understand customer behavior and decision-making

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"Partnering with Bluedot has enabled the delivery of our innovative smartphone app, which is helping our customers easily manage their use of our roads while building in safeguards to promote road safety."
Chris Jackson General Manager of Customer Experience, Transurban
"[Bluedot] has achieved accuracy of down to five meters, compared with the next closest competitor that only has accuracy down to 100 meters."
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"Bluedot's location technology has helped us to win enterprise clients and unlock unmatched use cases that enhance the customer experience and keep us at the forefront of innovation."
Matthew Khoury Co-Founder and Managing Director, LOKE

Apps Powered by Bluedot

The Bluedot Point SDK is powering the most innovative location-based apps for iOS and Android.

Deliver creative content and collect valuable analytics using our powerful, precise and easy-to-use location services technology.

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Case Study: Craveable Brands

Discover how a national quick service restaurant (QSR) chain uses location to drive loyalty and customer experience.

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Case Study: Loke Mobile Payments

Loke turned to Bluedot’s location technology to build a mobile payments app for a major global bank that eliminated lines at sports events.

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