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Location Based Experiences for Mobile and Web

Geofencing SDKs and APIs to power order ahead drive-thru and curbside pick ups, location-based marketing, automated loyalty programs and more.

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A Geofencing Platform that Drives Results



Understanding customer arrival has never been easier. Discover how our geofencing software helps businesses anticipate and engage customers on the go, by improving key customer interactions and making life stress-free.

Drive Thru

70%The 2018 QSR Drive-Thru Study

Of QSR sales come from the drive-thru

Reduce average drive-thru wait times and serve more customers by using location to sequence mobile orders and prioritize kitchen tickets. No check-ins required. Customers simply order, grab, and go.

Pick Up

Your customers won’t miss waiting.

Make mobile order pickup easy for customers – no lines, no waiting, and no stale or spoiled items (for grocery or QSR). Automate check-ins on customer arrival to distinguish between curbside and in-store pick up and serve customers on their terms.

Smarter Messaging

46Business of Apps, 2019

Daily number of push notifications the typical US smartphone user receives

Get heard in a noisy (app) world. Reach impacted users with critical emergency communications, create frictionless experience with important updates on arrival, or send a timely survey when you have a captive and receptive audience – all powered by accurate location technology.

20x Accuracy
No Hardware,

Just Endless Possibilities

Typical geofencing provides roughly 100-200 meter accuracy suitable only for generic marketing offers that are irrelevant to a customer 3 blocks away. But imagine what’s possible with 20x the accuracy—such as just-in-time orders delivered on customer arrival.


QSR Awards Bluedot Applied Tech Winner

“We’re excited to present Bluedot with a 2020 Applied Tech Award for its work in making mobile ordering and pickup more of a reality for drive-thru operators.”

-Sam Oches, editorial director for QSR Magazine


QSR Applied Tech Award Winner

Location Data Privacy

Where Privacy and Location-Based Experiences Coexist


In today’s digital landscape, it’s widely expected that location-based experiences come at the expense of privacy. But what if they could exist together?

At Bluedot, we believe it’s possible to deliver high-value, location-based experiences to the end-user while still limiting identifiability. After all, privacy is about people and respecting the power of the places they visit.

Bluedot’s geofencing software is designed with both privacy and location-based experiences in mind providing brands with actionable, first-party location data segmented per app install.

We never sell location data.
Bluedot is GDPR compliant

Learn more about the nine privacy principles that distinguish Bluedot in the location industry.

Forbes quote on Bluedot's geofencing accuracy

[Bluedot] has achieved accuracy of down to five meters, compared with the next closest competitor that only has accuracy down to 100 meters.