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How Bluedot can power your location requirements - Featured Image
By Bluedot Team | December 18

How Bluedot can power your location requirements


Bluedot Innovation‘s cutting edge location services product – the Bluedot Point SDK - is powering the next generation of location-based apps.

Customers can be reached at the most relevant place and time because the Point SDK delivers the maximum achievable precision of GPS, but without the battery drain of traditional location services. This means the Point SDK enables location-based apps that were previously impossible.

"opening websites, playing audio and sending marketing messages. "

The Point SDK is easy-to-use software that can be integrated into Android and iOS applications. It delivers powerful functionality by providing pre-built actions, such as opening websites, playing audio and sending marketing messages. Smartphones and tablets perform these actions when they enter a precise location and can be turned on or off based on pre-set conditions, including the travel behavior of customers or the date and time.

There‘s no need for additional hardware, allowing the Point SDK to be scaled across an entire business or high numbers of customers at low cost.

The back-end system – Bluedot Point Access – provides valuable analytics to understand customer behavior and create genuine commercial value. This is all achieved while protecting the customer‘s privacy.

Point Access is highly intuitive and doesn‘t require technical expertise to operate. Bluedot Innovation typically hosts Point Access so that it can be easily accessed by clients. It can also be deployed to a client‘s environment if preferred, with custom packages able to be developed to suit most commercial scenarios and business models.