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Battery Savings in Version 1.9 Release - Featured Image
By Judy Chan | October 27

Battery Savings in Version 1.9 Release

We’re pleased to let our customers know they will get more battery savings in Bluedot Innovation’s v1.9 release.


Since the very beginning of our journey, Bluedot has been committed to solving the trade-off between precise geolocation services and preserving battery life. With each release, we search for ways to advance the accuracy of our Geofences and Geoline™ technology while minimizing battery drain.


Toward this end, our developer team added better data caching of check-outs in iOS and Android in this latest release. They also optimized our internal algorithm to facilitate greater battery efficiency.


Other highlights include enhancements to the iOS SDK that track check-outs even if the mobile app has been closed. This is a feature already available in the Android version of Bluedot Point SDK.


To learn more about v1.9, we invite you to review the Version Release Notes in our Developer Documentation.