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Bluedot Delivers Precise Location Awareness Along the Customer’s Entire Journey - Featured Image
By Bluedot Team | September 24

Bluedot Delivers Precise Location Awareness Along the Customer’s Entire Journey

Even though we solve problems through advances in location services, our main goal has always been to connect businesses to their customers like never before. That’s why Bluedot technology is more than 20 times more precise than traditional location services.

We’re happy to announce that we now enable indoor positioning through Bluetooth Beacons. This means Bluedot delivers precise location services along the entire customer journey.


Bluedot now supports Bluetooth Beacons

Now you can interact with your customers anywhere, whether it’s their connected home, as they move from location to location outdoors, in cars and public transport, or any indoor location. Your commercial environment is now limitless as you can reach customers at any point during their journey.Ensure your app is used regularly by providing highly relevant, contextual content to your users instead of generic promotions. Build relationships with your customers by giving value when and where they want it. This means that your business or app can be relevant anywhere, not just at the final destination.

You can combine our advanced geofences & Geoline™ technology with Beacons and have complete coverage for any commercial scenario, while providing a seamless experience for your customers. With our hardware agnostic integration, you can integrate with Apple iBeacons and Android beacons.

Since starting Bluedot Innovation, we’ve always pushed the boundaries to deliver location awareness in any environment. With the newest update of our Point SDK, we deliver a complete location services solution that can transform your customer’s experience.