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By Bluedot Team | December 16

Bluedot Launches Public APIs

Bluedot Innovation launches Public API's

Bluedot has launched its Public API platform, making it easier to use the next generation of location services in your app!You can now set and manage locations in a fast, scalable and automated way. Integrate your application or platform and set endless numbers of locations without a single click of a mouse.

Our REST API's can integrate with Java, .net, Node.JS, Obj-C, RoR, PHP and many more.

So what's different about Bluedot Point?

  • Smartphones and tablets can trigger custom actions when entering a location as precise as 5 meters, or more than 20 times the precision of traditional location services.
  • Apps can stay on all day in the background with a fraction of the battery drain and absolutely no hardware or infrastructure is needed.
  • It sets a new standard in protecting privacy - Bluedot never tracks or collects any personal information about end-users.

Want to set and test locations without a single line of code?

Register for a free account today by going to https://bluedot.io and download the Bluedot Demo App...

Apple App Store: Bluedot Point iOS Demo
Google Play: Bluedot Point Android Demo

Bluedot Innovation, helping you create what was impossible until now...