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Google recognizes Bluedot’s disruptive location services technology - Featured Image
By Bluedot Team | November 25

Google recognizes Bluedot’s disruptive location services technology

Google has recognized Bluedot Innovation as one of its most innovative partners for its Google Maps service.

Our SaaS platform integrates Google Maps to provide the most comprehensive map coverage for our clients. This was essential because Bluedot's technology allows locations to be defined that are ‘20 times more accurate than other providers – in complex and customizable shapes that can cover even the most complicated commercial environments.’ 

(Read the full Google case study on Bluedot).

From the beginning, we focused on being ‘global by design’. We knew the companies we wanted to work with have an international footprint that we had to match.

To achieve this, we work with the leading global tech companies. It goes without saying that Google provides the quality and coverage no matter where in the world our clients are based.

With Google Maps APIs, Bluedot Innovation has been able to achieve the granular location data its clients expect… Bluedot Innovation can serve international clients on an enterprise scale.

– Google

This builds on our global partnership with Samsung and our work with other major technology and mobile commerce companies. By working with Google and our other partners, we have a global presence that caters to enterprises around the world.