Chief Technology Officer, Bluedot Innovation

Our new release (v1.7.1) is now available and includes our latest feature, Webhooks
What are Webhooks?
Webhooks allow you to instantly deliver mobile content to customers in real time when they check-in. They provide an easier and quicker way to know when customers arrive at a location because your servers receive an immediate check-in directly from our servers.
Why use Webhooks?Prior to Webhooks, the Point SDK would communicate via your SDK to your server, which would then pass back an action (e.g. delivery of an ad) to the customer’s device. Instead, Webhooks send you check-ins from our servers in real time, cutting down the API calls and time needed for location-based actions to be delivered.
Easier integrationWith Webhooks, there’s no need to integrate multiple SDKs or make additional API calls to retrieve check-in data.
How do I learn more?Visit the developer documentation page for additional details. You can also request a demo from a Bluedot team member.
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