Use Location to Improve Your Shoppers’ On and Offline Experiences.

Explore the Power of Place


Location data gives retailers the tools to understand their shoppers’ physical behaviors and intentions. Create engaging experiences for your customers with relevant messaging in the context of place.


Learn more about Bluedot’s location intelligence solutions for Retail with these helpful tools and use cases.

Drive Online and In-Store Traffic


Optimize your customers’ interactions with digital out-of-home assets for clearer ROI and ad attribution in a single report.


Drive foot trafficBrick and mortar stores can merge customers’ digital behaviors with information about:

  • when customers are near your retail location
  • what direction your customers are coming from when they enter to your store
  • how long they stay at your store
  • when they leave your store
  • when they have been in physical proximity to billboards or street advertising


Online retailers can use location data to deliver messaging where it’s most effective.

  • Understand where  customers think about or would use your products in their daily lives
  • Customers see your digital messaging and print campaigns as a relevant solution to their immediate needs.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service


Lifetime ValueBuild brand loyalty by showcasing the right products, helpful articles, style guides, and messaging for a truly personalized in-store experience.
Send notifications with exclusive offers or surveys based on each customers’ physical and digital triggers.


Monitor Your Competitors’ Traffic


Identify if, when, and for how long your customers are visiting competitor locations or complementary locations that actually drive foot traffic to you.  With this data, you can message your customers directly in real-time, or continue to build your customer profiles to strategically act on.


Retarget with Confidence


With Bluedot’s location data, retailers are able to stay in touch with customers after they’ve left the store.  Contextual retargeting can be based on the customer’s location, purchase history, digital behaviors, and where they go after leaving a retail location.


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