High Accuracy, Low Battery Consumption

Get industry-leading accuracy and precision without battery drain

Bluedot delivers 20x location precision over other solutions.

Geoline™ Technology

Proprietary Location Technology

Bluedot is the only provider of Geoline™ technology, razor-thin virtual lines, that deliver superior precision and performance. Based on extensive geospatial R&D, Geoline™ Technology is patented technology that allow you to leverage the cutting edge in location services.

Superior Accuracy

Everyone else allows you to set a circular Geofence that’s 100 meters wide. We’ve gone down to an incredible thin virtual line. Better accuracy allows you to engage customers in tight and challenging scenarios, with over 20 times the precision of Android, iOS or any other location service provider.

Map Out Any Location

With accuracy comes flexibility. Deploy Geoline™ technology to optimize location-based engagement and analytics, such as placing tripwires at every doorway of a building. Combine Geoline™ technology with our advanced Geofences and Beacons to cover every location of interest, no matter how concentrated or complex.

Bluedot is the only provider of Geoline™ Technology


Bluedot innovation geofences

Accuracy Down to 10 Meters

While other location services offer Geofences with a minimum radius of 100 meters, Bluedot enables Geofences that are only 10 meters (33 feet) wide. We’re here to support use cases where accuracy and personalization matter.

Bulk Import Locations

We can programmatically import thousands to millions of locations simultaneously. Our technology and configuration specialists are here to help you achieve scale rapidly, including scenarios where you have dynamic locations change.

Complex Polygons

The world is not made up of only circles and squares, so why should your Geofences? We’ve created a new breed of Geofences that are multi-sided, self-intersecting polygons and lines. These complex polygons can be configured into any shape in order to accommodate any commercial environment.

Save Users' Battery

We have a suite of proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge techniques around sensor fusion that achieve high location accuracy and maximum battery performance. Based on extensive R&D, our technology dynamically responds to user location, behavior and context to efficiently manage battery usage.


Beacon-Agnostic Platform

Integrate Beacons from any manufacturer and centrally manage your indoor and outdoor locations from a single platform.

Seamless Integration of Indoor and Outdoor Locations

Manage Geofences, Geoline™ technology, and Beacons as part of a single, consolidated location. Bluedot’s technology will intelligently handover between indoor and outdoor interaction, creating a seamless customer experience.

Understand the Full Customer Journey

Engage with customers anywhere, nurturing them along the entire journey and collecting insights based on their travel path.

Bluedot Beacons location marketing

Additional Features

Zone Enablement

1:1 Personalization

Have complete flexibility over when, where and how actions are triggered in a mobile device using Bluedot’s advanced conditioning.


Send personalized content to an individual customer or customer segment based on any data point like purchase history, campaign details, demographic profile or social media patterns. Our technology is designed to align with how you reach and retarget customers via your platform or app.



Send your customers different content when they enter and exit a location to nurture them along the path to purchase.


Increase engagement and revenue by customizing the customer experience based on their exact circumstances. Gain visibility into your customers’ travel path, movement and behavior throughout their time at your location.

Dwell Time advertising

Dwell Time

Know how long your customers spend at each location to empower sales and marketing decisions.

Bluedot’s rich, contextual analytics allows you to understand customer behavior and movement, determine the impact of time spent in-store on your sales, and accurately measure advertising attribution.

Easily Manage Locations

It’s easy to manage all of your Geofences, Geoline™ Technology, and Beacons with Bluedot’s Point Access platform. Use our intuitive Google Maps interface or our scalable APIs

easy to manage all of your Geofences, Geolines™ and Beacons with Bluedot’s Point Access platform

Build Something Amazing

Bluedot Point SDK

Point SDK

The Bluedot Point SDK, available for Android and iOS, is designed for easy integration, optimal battery performance and scale.

It efficiently handles extreme volumes of locations, works passively in the background and even triggers check-ins when there’s no data connection.

Bluedot Public APIs

Public APIs

Automate how you manage your locations through our REST APIs.

Programmatically use the full set of Bluedot technology and features through easy-to-use APIs that integrate with Java, .net, Node.JS, Obj-C, RoR, PHP and many more.

Bluedot Innovation Webhooks


Instantly deliver content to customers in real time when they check-in.

Webhooks send check-ins from our servers to yours in real time, cutting down the API calls and time needed for location-based actions to be delivered. Avoid bundling multiple SDKs or making unnecessary API calls to retrieve check-in data.

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