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Convenience: The Ultimate Litmus Test - Featured Image
By Balendran Thavarajah | November 30

Convenience: The Ultimate Litmus Test

The litmus test for any technology is how it improves the day-to-day life of its users. It's interesting how some tech that are fascinating tend to fail, while others that seem mediocre reaps success. So, what gives? It all comes down to impact.

Does it make my life better?

Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a weekend warrior. I love riding my motorcycle and metaphorically speaking, love the wind in my hair as I feel every bump and turn in the road. But, tactically, this scene never plays out quite like I've imagined it.

Historically, toll roads have been challenging for me as I always think about how I would make payment. Do I whip out an e-tag in my hand while driving with the other?  Or, do I permanently secure an e-tag to my otherwise immaculate bike? For these reasons, I'm reluctant to purchase an e-tag and deal with the practical issues of securing it to my bike. When I travel on the toll roads without the e-tag, administration fees charged on top of the toll cost are significant - so much so, I stopped using toll roads altogether.

It's Magic!

This all changed with the LinktGO mobile toll road app. It's a great example of how an app has delivered a valuable service that makes my road trips - "kilometers (or miles)" better.

Bluedot: LinktGo App tollingIt's satisfying when you work on tech that you use personally. With Bluedot location technology, the LinktGO app automatically detects when I pass through a toll and allows me to pay in-app once I’ve arrived at my destination. We're talking about never having to carry nor affix an e-tag, never having to stop at the toll, nor tapping on the app while in transit -- and magically paying for the toll at my own convenience. LinktGO changed my entire experience.

Now I can occasionally use the toll roads and simply pay as I go. I can track my travel route and trip cost in real-time. It’s convenient, affordable, and effortless.

The cherry on top is knowing our technology is a game changer.

LinktGo is the recipient of the  2018 Good Design Australia Award for Digital Design: Apps and Software as well as the 2018 Melbourne Design Awards: Silver.

Bluedot Balendran Thavarajah


Balendran Thavarajah, former CTO



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