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Consumers Brace for Price Hikes | Holiday Shopping Habits 2022 - Featured Image
By Judy Chan | October 11

Consumers Brace for Price Hikes | Holiday Shopping Habits 2022



Economic uncertainty is altering consumer shopping behavior ahead of the 2022 holiday season. While 91% are expecting price hikes, most shoppers will resort to elaborate methods to find deals.

Bluedot's new Holiday Shopping Habits 2022 report has all the details.

Inflation Takes Hold

Most shoppers know prices will be higher this holiday season, and 3 in 4 have started saving in anticipation. Deals and discounts are in high demand, with 88% looking for discounts and offers on store websites, apps, loyalty programs, emails, and discount websites.

Our study indicates there is no time better than the holidays to imbue and impress consumers as they are more willing to hear from retailers.

– Judy Chan | CMO at Bluedot

Deals, Savings and Payments

While 63% of shoppers don't expect better deals than last year, they're looking for every way to get an edge. Half of consumers are more likely to join a loyalty program and 77% are more receptive to communication from retail stores.

Holiday Habits 2022 - buy now pay later

Nearly half of Gen Z and Millennials plan to use buy now, pay later for their holiday shopping.



of consumers plan to look for more discounts and offers. Holiday Shopping Habits, 2022


Shopping Habits and Behaviors

In-store shopping made a comeback this year, topping online purchasing as the preferred method for holiday shoppers. 

Holiday Shopping Habits 2022 loyalty programs

However, 4 in 10 report that COVID will continue to impact their shopping habits this year. For example, 78% say they will utilize buy-online, pick up in store (BOPIS).


of shoppers are more likely to open a
retailer's credit card during the holidays.Holiday Shopping Habits 2022 

Read the full Holiday Shopping Habits 2022 report for detailed insights into shopper behaviors and the opportunities for retailers this season: