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Place Customer Profiles in Context with Location

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CRMs have come a long way in building robust customer profiles that fuel better customer experiences. However, these experiences and campaigns are often limited to online actions, missing critical insights about customers’ behaviors and intentions in the real world.


Did you know that 80% of consumers indicate they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences? To effectively personalize experiences, you must understand the person in the context of their physical behaviors.


What Real-World Insights Might You Be Missing?

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Location delivers relevance and intent. Bluedot empowers companies (via their mobile app) to take advantage of real-world insights for true 360-degree CRM view, showing both online and offline interactions. Get close to your customers. With first-person data, discover your customers’ specific patterns and overall trends.

Marketers LEARN From Location:

  • When your customers tend to frequent your store
  • How long they stay at your store
  • What direction they are coming from and headed to
  • Where else are your customers visiting – both before and after visiting your store or restaurant
  • How often your customers walk by your store without entering
  • If your customers visit competitors
  • Customers’ lifestyles – what other businesses and brands they like



Marketers TAKE ACTION With Location:

  • Send an automated prompt to remind customers to use their loyalty card
  • Send a timely message for expiring points when in proximity of your business
  • A/B test campaigns to entice them to your store or restaurant if they visit competitors
  • Create win-back campaigns for customers who leave their locations without making a purchase and eating at your QSR
  • Surprise and delight customers with offers and freebies – at the right moment when they are near your business
  • Send highly personalized emails, SMS, texts, and in-app offers based on your customer’s real-world behaviors


Up Your Marketing Game

Consider how first-person location data could up your marketing game. Build real-world relationships with the vast majority of customers who expect it. Anticipate their needs and outpace your competitors.

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